How Strict Are the Parks on Age?


No, not thinking of cheating/lying. My middle child turns 3 on Feb 15. Our trip is from Feb 5-10, so she will still be 2, just a few days away from 3. Do the CMs give you are hard time if they think the child is older than 2? My daughter speaks decently and is somewhat tall, although she does look her age. I guess my fear is that we’ll get to the gate, try to get her in for free being 2, and they will tell us no. Do they ask for a birth certificate or take your word for it? We’re aiming this trip when we are to take advantage of only having to pay for 1 of our 3 kids lol.


We were in the exact same situation 6 years ago. No problem at all. Our daughter has always been super tall. They never even seemed to second guess us. You shouldn’t have a problem.


I don’t think you will have any issues. I’ve heard if the CMs have a question about age they ask the child and your child will be able to answer truthfully. However, I don’t think a CM will question you or your child.


They will take your word for it. They don’t require proof of age.


They will take your word for it.


Great, thank you!


they will definitely take your word for it. We had the same issue with our granddaughter. As long as, if asked, you can rattle off the birth date without hesitation, you won’t have any problem. That is, if they even ask. Remember, the child is not 3 until their actual birth date. Anyone who would try and enforce an age limit on a 2 year, 364 day year old child is just having a bad day.


Someon recently told me that you pay on how old they are when you book the reservation. I don’t know if this is true but I thought it interesting.


I never had an issue and my child is five! I kid lol! On a funny side note, we have annual passes to sea world san antonio. Every single time we go they ask me if the baby is under 3! He’s 11 weeks old today! Disney has never given me trouble or asked even when we went the day before rose’s 3rd birthday (it was her present)!


I’ve never seen anyone have trouble - and I’ve seen a ton of “bigger” kids shoved in strollers so people don’t have to pay! :glare:


Never had an issue w/ them asking.


I can’t see them giving you a hard time. That being said, I would take a photo copy of the birth certificate just in case.


I always carried proof in my purse for my youngest ds. 110th percentile in both height and weight (my little football player!). We constantly got questioned. I got tired of people not believing me, or having to explain he looks a lot older than he is. Doesn’t hurt to have something on you, just in case.


From what I understand, CM’s ask parents and/or kids their age and rely on them to be truthful. Therefore, if something happens, CM’s have asked and the responsibility is on the guest.


Between my 3 i’ve only been asked once and it was on the last day of the visit. DD13 had a growth spurt on the 2-3 yr and the umbrella stroller we had her in was a very small one in the 1st place making her look even bigger. When mom was asked how old DD was she replied and they waved her on in. No problem.


I think most of the questions arise when kids ride alone and their age is of question, or when “older” kids present with little sibs in tow and no parents insight.



DS has always been tall for his age, and I took him the week before his third birthday and had no questions asked. I was worried though. I did have an official birth card and copy of birth certificate with me just in case.

Only issue that I had was server at Tusker kept trying to charge us for a child breakfast but I don’t think she spoke English well. :eek: Why would I have DDP for the two adults and not for the child unless that child was under 3? I don’t pick up random children and treat them to breakfast. :laugh: Besides, no one would believe that he’s not my child, he looks just like me. :blush:


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

“Hey, kid… you want to eat with Mickey???” :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Disney charges by the age of the child on the first day of check-in. No-one will question you otherwise. Have fun and enjoy your last free year for your little one! :happy: