How to change reservations


So, how do I go about changing my reservation? I mean, can I do it on line or do I need to wait until tomorrow to call guest services?


I am not sure. I would wait and do it tomorrow.


I tried to find a place to change my reservation online yesterday and couldn’t find one, so I just ended up calling. Good luck!


Have you changed it yet? What did you decide?


Thanks guys, I was not able to find anything on line so I will be calling to change the final 5 nights of our 12 night trip in August from SSR to BWV. I will post with the results. Wish me luck with availability.


Good Luck and yes - you have to call. :mickey:


I am pretty sure that the website does not allow you to change a reservation online. It has many neat features but I don’t think it has this functionality yet.


Please let us know. I am going to try to change our SSRS reservation for December to BWV at seven months out.


There is no option to change on line. However, member services have been more than helpful and we are now splitting our vacation. We are going to do 7 nights at SSR and the other 5 nights at BWV and with a BW view on the upper floor.