How to convince my dad to go


DH and I are considering a summer trip, and my mom told me several weeks ago that when we went again, she wanted to go too because it’s been a while since she was there. So, today my mom and dad came by and I told her that we might take a trip in July and we’d love for her to go too. We did some figuring on the Disney website, and she asked about Daddy going too. We did some more figuring and she said she’d talk to him when they were alone. She was texting me tonight saying that Daddy needs convincing. He doesn’t love the parks, but he enjoys Epcot as much as he can enjoy a park. :wink: He hates crowds, and he can be very grumpy about rude people. Mom and I were saying that we could rent a surrey bike and go fishing at Riverside. We don’t do the parks every single day–we like to take a couple of days just to relax at the resort and play in the pools. I think he likes those ideas. We also told him he can always have a beer in every country in Epcot. Adult beverages might be the best way to convince him. :laugh: What else can you, my good Mousebuzz friends, suggest? My poor mom needs some good ammunition to convince him to come along. She doesn’t want to leave him home for a week. :happy:


I should add that I have stressed to my mom that they are in no way tied to us during the trip. They can be with us as much or as little as they like.


Here is how my mom convinces my dad to go:

"These grandchildren of ours are only young once. They are growing so fast, and we’ve been given the opportunity to be a part of something magical with them. "

My dad doesn’t love the parks either, but he loves being part of a family trip with all of us together. Maybe each of the kids could think of something they love to do with Grandpa and help get him on board by painting a picture of fun for him there. Like you said, it doesn’t have to be parks all day every day of your trip.

Has he seen the video for POR on Has he been to POR before? That video (on youtube) could convince anyone to spend a week in WDW!

You can also tell him that you want one big family picture in front of the Castle for your photo album. He can send it in his Christmas cards this year.

Good luck with convincing him! I really hope he goes.


I just went through this the other day trying to convince my mom to go with us in August. My dad has zero desire to go and would be grumpy, so we are leaving him home, and he is fine with that!!(We are taking a big family trip next summer and he will go then!) Anyway, I put a post on facebook, which my mom looks at, stating “ALL who think my mom should go to Disney with us say “aye””! There were lots of responses, but the ones that got her attention most were the ones about the grandkids having a grandma to do this with and girls my age stating that they wished they could do that with their mom. She got thinking that we do not know what the future holds and the grandkids are only little once!! Needless to say, we booked her airfare last night!!:laugh:
If all else fails, go back to the adult beverages in Epcot idea!!!


Great suggestions! I will have my mom try the “kids are growing too fast” deal on him. I also think I’ll have the kids make him a card showing him all the things they want to do with him at Disney. That’ll really get him! :laugh: He hasn’t stayed at Riverside before, but we stayed at French Quarter once before I got married and it was new. It was the last family vacation I took with my parents and my brother before DH and got engaged. We have nice memories there, so maybe that would get him too. Not something I’d thought about at all. Wonderful idea!

I love the Facebook idea, and I could put it on there, but my mom would have to show it to him. He’s anti-Facebook too. :laugh: He’s just anti-social. :laugh: I tease him and tell him he ought to just become a hermit and go read because that’s all he really wants to do anyway-read and watch FoxNews.


Good luck!


:laugh: Thanks! My mom called tonight, and she was supposed to tell me what they are thinking. She didn’t mention it, and I’m afraid to ask.


When we try to convince my inlaws to go my mother in law loves Dinsey
Actually loves to travel period. To convince my father in law well actually there in no convincing she tells them the grandkids are going and that she is too and he has no choice so Im not sure that convincing him or not.


POR is beautiful lots of walking paths quiet pools never really that busy
Beautiful boat rides and lets not forget the amazing golf courses in Disney if hes a golfer must tell him of the golfing and if hes into fishing the guided fishing tours are fabulous We saw a young man catch a 4 -5 lb bass right in front of Rainforest Cafe in DTD while we on our boat back to POR.
Then theres Epcot and all that great beer from around the world.
Man I need to go book a trip right now I have convinced myself to get back to the world


Send him photos of the children at WDW. Play the ‘aww-shucks’ card.


We went last Dec with some friends who have a 5yo princess for her very first trip.

Being a first timer, I had to school her in the PROPER way to act as a princess and taught her “THE PRINCESS WAVE.”

I looked down at her in the stroller as we were heading up main street towards the castle and she is doing…

Moments like THAT are way grandpa should go!


He meant “Why a grandpa should go.” Excuse him, he has a trip to head off to …


Forgive me, I am afflicted with sever CSWADACTE. My posts are protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act. (Can’t spell worth a darn and can’t type either!) :laugh: And did you ever notice how darn close the H and the Y keys are on the keyboard?!?! :angry: (Made you look didn’t I?!?)

Maybe I DID actually mean WAY. Picture grandpa in a stroller doing the double princess wave! :laugh:

Boarding pass printed. Why didn’t I book the morning flight? Oh, yeah, work to do today before I go.:whistling


Have a great trip!!!


Richard-have fun! Wish I was leaving today to head down to WDW too! :happy:

Thanks for the fun suggestions! I haven’t even had a chance to talk with my mom this week to give her some of your ideas because we have been so busy. She sent me two texts this morning saying that she had convinced Daddy to go. Since I was at work, I didn’t have time to chat with her and find out how she finally coerced him into going with us, but I hope I’ll get to talk to her tonight. :happy: I know my mom will be happy to have him with her, and the kids will love having them with us for a week!


Maybe the kids could make him a thank you for going with us note, and include a cute picture of the kids… He will get more excited when he thinks about them.


all I can say is don’t mention BRAZIL