How to get a free room upgrade?


Any ideas? I would love to get upgraded to concierge level or a park-view… How do frequent travelers get these kind of things free? Any “key” words I should use? Flash my, ummm, GirlScout troop leader ID? :angel:
Just looking for suggestions to make this (laast minute, top secret, skimpy budget) trip special.

we are staying at Paradise Pier


You can only ask at check-in. You may or may not get an upgrade. I haven’t heard of many concierge upgrades, so I’ll cross my fingers for you. Simply say " are there any upgrades available?"


It doesn’t hurt to ask when you check in.


I have asked the last few times I have visited and I also dropped hints like anniversary this and birthday that… Sadly no upgrades for me and my family! :sad: But it has happened to others before, so it can’t hurt to try! :wink:


I really think you just have to get lucky. I got lucky with a basically free upgrade at PPH for my trip in June, but I have used the same AAA travel agent on my last two trips. I think it was more her doing than anything. But it never hurts to ask when you check in!!


The only way I’ve ever gotten a concierge upgrade at any Disney resort is when either the first or last day of my stay was booked into a regular room but the rest was booked in concierge. I have gotten the upgrade for the single day, but it’s always been more about not moving rooms and changing folios, not about an actual upgrade. Even then, you must ask at check-in.


If you ask they will NEVER give a free upgrade. I just stayed at the Contemporary. I had a res for a jr. suite. When I was checking in I asked how much it would cost to upgrade to concierge. (even though cost is approx $300 more I’ve known people to get it for 50-100/day). They called central reservation and I was given a FREE upgrade to concierge!!!


Can I get an upgrade to concierge at Pop Century? :wink:


Sure, but you’ll have to cover the $10,000,000 building fee out of pocket.


I will have more on this in my TR, but we were upgraded to a TWO BEDROOM Villa at SSR for our first 2 nights! We were supposed to be at Value ASMO… not an upgrade for my girls… they were very disappointed to not be staying at Buzz and Woody’s house for two nights… but my DW and I enjoyed it… but bummed for our girls…


Ron, how did you get this upgrade?? Was ASMo NOT available when you checked in???


Two of the times we stayed at the contemporary we were upgraded from a wing room to a tower room. I think it was due to the time of year we were there. Both times it was during the value season. We did not ask to be upgraded it just happened. I think it had to do with low vacancy. So they way they could keep a wing or two closed down. JMO.
So it never hurts to ask but I think upgrades are given when it helps out the hotel, not the guest!


I want! I want! I want!


I hope that I score one of these days! Sounds like fun to me!


The trick to getting an upgrade is to be there at a slow time when they have the rooms available. If you are there in the busy season (summer, Christmas, spring break…), all I can say is good luck and it costs nothing to ask.



I don’t if this will help, but here I go! When paying for a recent reservation, I asked the very nice and helpful CM if I could request the Sierra tower at DL. My AAA vacation stated standard room, Bonita or Marina tower. I requested the Sierra tower nstead, because it has no bad view. You either face the pool or DTD. She told me that there reservations computer can take up to 4 special requests. She stated they try and honor them as best as possible. She also recommended calling the day beore the confirm reservations and requests.



At first I thought it had to do with slow season. The first time we went to AKL (in September), we did have a Savanah view, but wasn’t the best. When the CM saw the kids get so excited about seeing the animals, he said the view in this room wasn’t sufficient, took us back down to check in, talked to another CM, and then proceeded to take us to three different rooms, giving us the choice with the best view. A couple of weeks ago, school was still out, and when we pulled into AKL seeing the entire parking lot filled up, we knew it was going to be a crowded week. Walked up to register, gave our name and the first thing out of CM’s mouth was “Congratulations, you’ve been upgraded to a savanah view.” (We had resies for pool view to save some $.) So, now I question why they do this, but don’t ask (don’t want to rock the boat!!!)


I wonder if I could upgrade from a FW partial hook-up site ($40/night) to a suite in the GF tower?


As soon as I made my reservation for our December EL trip, I immediately but in a request for bunk beds (you can’t reserve them apparently, just request) and and MK view. I plan on adding to my requests I’d like one of the refurb rooms on the 4th-6th floor, and something close to the lobby.

I know, it sounds like I’m picky, but I figure, I don’t get to stay Deluxe everytime I go, and I’ve never been there for Christmas time, so I’m allowed to make it as special as I can.