How to get from one place to another?


Hi all! I wanted to know how could I get from Orlando International Airport to Rosen Shingle Creek resort without getting a rental car? How much do you think a RT would be?


I swear by quicksilver for outside transport- they are the same basic cost as other companies but a much better service from what I have experianced vs what I have heard.


Thanks! I was looking to get to my Tupperware convention without getting the rent a car but for the price of QS I could just get the car and then take a night trip to DTD. I was looking so a little something cheaper. The price of a 3.5 day rent a car was $100.00


Sounds like renting a car would be your better option as far as having the freedom to travel around.


I have also been able to rent a car for as little as $10 a day from priceline- its worth trying-


I would also check Offering thousands of items you won’t find in your local Costco. for Rental Cars Usually Costco-Alamo has the best rates. You get 25% discount plus they have lots of coupons to make your rental even cheaper. Plus you get some insurance with it and an additional driver.


Thanks all for the help… I will check it all out tonight when Im done work… I wanted to go in early today to be able to pay off the trip this month but Im still sitting here getting replacement parts for Tupperware… :laugh:


Quicksilver is your answer I think Call 1-888-468-6939 or

We used Quicksilver on our last two trips they are so helpful always ready to help. We also used them for getting from Disney to universal and sea world because there was 9 of us and it was cheaper than hire.

good luck:heart: