How to get from WL to BCV


I have and ADR for 6:45 at Whispering Canyon, we can take the scenic route there, but was wondering about after dinner. Anyone know the cost of a cab from WL to BCV? Thanks


You should be able to get back by cab for under $20 with the tip.


Boat to MK and bus to BC.


Thanks. I figure by the end of the day the boys and grandma will be pooped since we’re swimming all day at BCV…wanted to make it an early night.


I don’t blame you. A cab is worth the money when you want to get back quickly. Using WDW transportation will take about an hour by the time you go from WL to MK then get a bus to BC.


That was our preferred route, but it was a chilly ride across the water on Thanksgiving!


I agree with Elmo.
The taxi will run over $20 with a tip these days, if you do go that route.

If you get one of the open launches, it can sometimes get chilly even in summer if the winds are just right.