"How to get to the Fort Wilderness resort and campground?"


i don’t know where is the Fort Wilderness resort and Campground located at?:confused:


i don’t know where is the Fort Wilderness resort and Campground located at?:confused:


It’s in the Magic Kingdom resort area so follow those signs when you get on property. You can also get to it on a Disney bus or on a boat from the Magic Kingdom.


There will also be tons of signs pointing you the right way once you arrive on property!


thank you DisneyTeacher for the info.


thank you belle for the info. Do you know the website of Fort Wilderness resort and campground.


Fort Wilderness Fact Sheet

Here’s one, Jeaney.:heart:


This is the official Fort Wilderness site on Disney’s site.

Disney Camping | Florida Camping | Orlando Camping | Walt Disney World Resort


thank you alicefan for the info.


I was just getting to that!:closedeye


thanks guys for the info. but i need to know what time i need to check-in and where i need to check-in.


Oh, is that what you need to know Jeany? Because by the title of the thread, I was under the impression that you wanted to know how to get to Ft. Wildreness Resort and Campground.


ingamba our family did stay in the fort Wilderness resort and campground before but we don’t know how to get to fort Wilderness resort and campground. How our family needs to check-in and what time is the check-in time. everything at the fort wilderness resort and campground is changing.


Jeaney,maybe you should call Fort Wilderness to put your mind at ease. You can ask them all the questions yourself and get the answers you need…here is the number…(407) 824-2900. :happy:


i think check in is probaly at 3, like all the other Disney Resorts…i dont know where you check in though, i’ve never stayed there.


alicefan you spell my name wrong is not Jeaney is Jeany. and thanks for the info.


Do you know where the Wilderness Lodge is?
It’s right next door.


Take the boat launch from the Magic kingdom.


thank you for the info.


Jeany -
this is your second thread asking this question. In the future, please do not start duplicate threads asking the same exact thing.