How to link pics from Photobucket


For the life I me I cannot remember how to do this.
Could someone help I know I did it before. I have been trying to link pics in the test forum for an hour now.


Wasnt there a way to directly link the IMG code from PB into the post. Without going thru attachments?
I cannot seem to get that IMG code thingy at the bottom turned on, maybe this is why.


I went back into my old tshirt thread to edit to see which code I used. This is it. I have tried it several times today and it just won’t work.
<a href=“” target="_blank"><img src=“” border=“0” alt=“Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket”></a>


From the Album screen take the IMG CODE that is the code you need then paste it in the text and a picture will appear.


Photobucket is horrible. I can never get it to work right.

I usually result to TinyPic… I never save my links, though, so I sometimes end up uploading the same picture 3 or 4 times. Very annoying.


You can only use the IMG code in threads that have it turned on. To see if IMG is on look at the bottom left of the page, below the “Quick Reply” box, in the box marked “Posting Rules”. See picture below. :smile:

In this thread it is off.

Mickey is the only one who can turn on the IMG code.

I use ImageShack® - Hosting :smile:


Thanks, this is so strange though because that is how I posted pics in my tshirt thread, but not I cannot get it to work in the TR thread. I did notice the IMG code was turned off yesterday. Wouldn’t the TR thread have the IMG code turned on for people who post pics of there trip?

PB is way easier for me. I have an account and I also use it to post pics on my baby board and I use it to share with family and friends. It would have been so nice to just use that. Right now I am using the attachments with MB but I really don’t like the way that works.
Maybe I will try Image Shack.


I wish IMG was on in all treads…sounds like PM to Mickey is needed seeing as he is the one who would have to make the switch.:smile:


I just PMed Mickey…here’s hoping it can be turned on. This would make my pic posting much much easier. R2G…do you need the IMG code on to use Image Shack?


I don’t use photobucket, I use kodak gallery. After loading my photos I send an email link to myself, then cut and paste the link that was sent in my email in my post. Do you have the email option on photobucket?


Image Shack gives you both and IMG code and HTML code so if either is on you can use them.

I used the HTML code in this post.


Yes. Once you upload a photo, it posts 4 options: share url, direct link, html code and img code
It also gives you several options for photo size: email, messageboard, avatar, thumbnail, etc
There are many more options for photos that I don’t even look at.


I turned on the [IMG] code in trip reports. I need to do a bit of research before I turn it on in other forums.


Thanks Mickey!!! Now I it won’t take me as long it load my pics for my trip report and I will be killing 2 birds with one stone, as they can now already be loaded onto PB for friends and family. That’s great!!!