How to make a rental stroller more comfy?


sorry to start a new thread asking for the same info. reqested in another thread…but i thought it might get buried within the previous thead. (rambling)…anyway, i am curious what some of the rental stroller veterans use to make the stroller more “nap friendly”. i read that they are actually wide enough for a child to lay down in to nap, so please share any tips!~thanks


I have never rented a stroller from the parks, but I have seen and heard of people bringing beach towels, blankets, small pillows and even non-skid shower mats for the bottom!


Chottsy - why don’t you try something like this:

They have straps so they are easy to carry. They are a little pricey so maybe you can find something more reasonable but along the same lines…Hope this helps!


We’ve never used them but around the parks iv seen tons of people even just lining them with towels from the hotels for the kids. The double strollers are really wid so a single child should be able to get pretty comfy for a nap.


~thanks! checked them out…reminded me i have a paddded blanket already i use for the beach and i also have a really cushy yoga matt that rolls up and has a carry strap. {funny how you don’t ralize you already have what you need until something joggs your memory :slight_smile: } neither one is as large as the mats on the site you posted, but i hink they will be large enough to accomplish what i need them to do. anyway…thanks so much for the info.


The other thing that is really good for the strollers at WDW is a clip on mini fan to keep the child cool when napping.


I like to strap a cooler of chilly’s with in reach and pack a hoagie. Then the mini-mice can park me under a tree and I’m A-OK for the afternoon. After my nap, I’ll figure to where they should tote me.


Here’s a tip for snacks in the stroller… make sure you have them stored in a bag, ideally one with a zipper. Why? Well I was coming out of “It’s Tough to be a Bug” and saw a squirrel jump into the little mesh thing on the backside of the stroller and steal a 6-pack of Peanut Butter Crackers. Now, one cracker had been eaten and technically that’d be 5, but it being opened could have aided in the little critter finding the crackers, but still. Best to pack them in a bag and you’ll have them later, haha.


squirrels are so smart!! i’ll keep that in mind about the ziplock. since we are going in jan. and we are florida natives, i don’t think the heat will be an issue for us…so might be able to forgo the fan.

KEEP THE TIPS COMING!! (rental stroller experts, share you knowledge!!LOL)


That was our trained 18 month old squirrel, “Rocky”. I love Peanut Butter Crackers!!!



I thought I saw a collar on him. :laugh: