How to post images in messages


I am sure this has been asked before, and so I aplogize, in advance. I just got out pics back, from our trip, and there are a few, I’d like to post here. I am having them put on a CD-Rom, but what’s next? Do I have to find a site, to host the pics? Thanks in advance.


If you have quite a few images, I would suggest someone like shuttlerfly or other companies that you can upload the images to, and then you just provide a link for us to view them. I am sure others will have suggestions as to which service to use.

If you just want to post one or two, you will need to first resize the images down to about 400 x 500 or so, and then post them in a message. To do that, just find the Manage Attachments under the message box when typing and go from there.


Thanks, Mickey. I was only planning to post 5 or 6 pictures. I may be able to do it, without using a hosting site…