How to rent a car while at DW


We are going to DW in March for a few days, leaving for a cruise from Port Canaveral, then heading back to DW for a couple days.

We are trying to decide how to get to the port and back. In the past we have used Happy Limo and we were happy with them (no pun intended:laugh:)

This time we were thinking of renting a car to get back and forth and was wondering if anyone has rented a car for a few days while staying on property. Who do you call? Where do you have to go to do it?



There is an alamo at the dolphin resort.


We have either:

  1. rented it at the airport
  2. rented it at the car care center right by the Magic Kingdom entrance
  3. rented at the Dolphin resort


As others said, there are a couple of locations on property. It’s fairly easy to do. One thing though…how long is your cruise? You’ll be paying for a rental that is just going to sit there. And…you’ll pay for parking too! Even though weekly rates are usually better than daily rates, it may be a costly endeavor. I assume you are cruising on a cruise line other than Disney, does the line you are sailing with offer a transfer option?


locations are also at Shades of Green and the Hilton in DTD.


Thanks everyone. We are only going on a three day cruise with Royal Carribean. I think parking is $15/day at the port. We are just trying to figure out which way will be easiest and most economical.