How we survived 'Fay' and many more stories


So my TR will go here…bare with me b/c this could take awhile…

So the cast of characters:


Dates of our stay:

The back story…

This was supposed to be a belated 60th b-day trip. So I reserved (initially) a room at the WL…then in July found a code to upgrade for only $7 a night to BC…so BC we went!

Some highlights to keep you waiting (and to buy me some time to get pictures ready). So in no particular order…

:heart: The ‘dream’ that lasted 8 nights
:heart: Dolphins in Depth
:heart: Coral reef diver
:heart: ‘She said what?’
:heart: ‘Look at what I found in my oyster’
:heart: Spreading some magic of our own

oh and the best… I BOUGHT A DVC MEMBERSHIP and got 160 free bonus points!!!


Great Starters… Congrats on the DVC!!! I keep going back and forth to it but it just doesnt pan out for us but I wish it would :heart: Cant wait to read the TR and see some pics…


Day 1 (Friday…8/15)

Our flight was around 8:30am from Westchester International Airport. Since we wanted to get upgraded to business class we decided to get to the airport around 7:30 which meant I needed to get to my parents house around 7 am, which meant I needed to leave my house around 6:30am, which meant I technically needed to get up around 5:30am…needless to say I never fell asleep. :blush:

So I decide to get out of bed around 4:30 and got to my parents by 6:30…which was a good thing because my mom decided to pack for 9 months instead of 9 days. :wub: So after fighting, rearranging (luckily I brought a luggage hand scale), and giving up on throwing out her clothes, the car was loaded and we were on our way to the airport.

Surprisingly everything went super smooth and quickly at the airport and we were on the plane and in the air in no time. We landed around 11 am and off to find Magical Express. I always forget that it’s 2 floors down from where the gates are but we found it and guess what? No line. Last year, same week, same flight, the light was out the end of the queue lines. This year I walked right up to the counter, checked us in and headed over to the BC lane, where we were immediately put on a bus.

The drive was great…the video was playing and I was looking out for alligators…(no seriously, since all the hype about the ‘found and captured’ gators at WDW, I’ve been keeping an eye out…well, it was mostly to tease my mom…hee, hee, hee).

So we were the 2nd stop (I think, I was still very sleep deprived) at BC. We got off the bus and headed for the lobby. Now I’ve never stayed at BC so it was all new to me. Luckily about 10 greeters were there for all of us getting off the bus. The CM that approached me began the typical greeting (how was your flight, where are you from, etc, etc)…we get almost to the check-in desk when he asks my name.

So I tell him…

he looks at his list…

and then tells me…

:wub: “It’s a year of a million dreams…you’ve been upgraded to 5th floor concierge!” :wub:

I think I must’ve looked like I won the lottery…(keep in mind that we only paid WL standard room rates plus $7 a night)…I ended up spelling my last name just to be sure he had the right family. He did and so he takes us up to the concierge floor…


Pics will be slow…we’re back at school this week and everything is chaos…my classroom is a mess and there are boxes all over the school. I will try to write each day of the trip and then get those pics uploaded before I continue. Hopefully I’ll actually finish this TR before I forget all the details! :blush:


[QUOTE=zefyr;873348]Day 1 (Friday…8/15)

:wub: “It’s a year of a million dreams…you’ve been upgraded to 5th floor concierge!” :wub:



that’s fabulous!! i can’t wait to hear more…and hopefully see pix of your room!


Welcome back, great start on the TR, and congrats on your DVC ownership!


Wow!! Great start to the trip and mega congrats on the YOMD upgrade. I can’t wait for the rest of the update. Good luck back at school!!


Wow, wow and WOW!!! That is SO AWESOME!!! Good for you and congrats on the DVC and it sounds like a SUPER MAGICAL trip so far!!

Can’t wait to read more! :happy:


WOW! What a GREAT way to begin your trip!!! Congrats on the upgrade! I would have been the same way- “are you sure you have the right family? It’s hard to spell double check your paper…” I would have been doing this in disbelief!


That’s amazing you got upgraded! Sounds like you definitely had an awesome trip.


Wow!! What a start to your trip!!! Can’t wait to hear more about it!!!

Congrats on the DVC!!! Or should I say-- “welcome home!!”


How awesome to get an upgrade, and what a way to start your trip!!!


I agree awesome start to the vacation


Oh wow, concierge at the Beach Club. You must have been in heaven.
I can’t wait to read more


That is wonderful!! Concierge!! Can’t wait to hear the rest.


Awesome dream!!! Incredible! I bet that was fabulous.

Congrats on DVC! Its the best :slight_smile: Where is your home resort? I am assuming AKV since I think SSR is now sold out? If so - hi neighbour!


WOW!!! Congratulations on the upgrade & a double congrats on the DVC membership! This sounds like an AMAZING Disney trip! And, accourding to your countdown, it looks like the magic doesn’t end here! :biggrin:


AWESOME!!! I would have been speechless or screaming! I can’t wait to read more!!!


HOLY COW!!! Concierge at the Beach Club!!! I would have passed out :laugh:

Welcome home!!


OMG! THat is the best! Good for you. I can’t wait to hear the rest!