How would you do tickets?


I am trying to talk our husband into letting us tag along on his business trip in a few weeks to WDW… Yes, A few weeks. Well, we would have 2 days that we would stay on property, and then we would move with him to his conference to an offsite hotel (boo). So, my question is, how could I get tickets for 4 or 5 days? Can’t get keys to the world for the whole time, because we would be checking out half way through our trip.

Should I buy 2 days worth of tickets after we check out? Should I get a annual pass? Would the discount be worth it?

What are typical discounts for hotels? It might make it worth it if we go back again next summer…

Any suggestions? Thanks!


I’m pretty sure you’ll keys to the world card will still work even if you’ve checked out if you’ve still got unused days. I think you have 14 days to use your tickets unless you get the no expiration deal. They just won’t work for the hotel or charging back to the room. Don’t buy two days worth of tickets after you check out…that would cost you way more than you need to spend.


That is what I was thinking, but I forgot about the 14 day part… got that confused with the “midnight on the day of your departure expiration” thingy with the dining plan…

Hoping I can talk him into this… and do the Halloween party. We have done this before, but the kids were so little they don’t remember it… I do, however, and it was fun!


I too am hoping to convince DH to let DD & I tag along to a FL trip but ours isnt till march. His Uncle is retired from Disney & can hopefully get us tickets for the days we are there…just gotta start planting the bugs in everyones ears now!!!:ph34r::ph34r::laugh:


well… He just told me about it 2 days ago. Nothing set in stone yet. We usually drive… but he is flying. He told me what the cost of the flight is for him- not bad in price… and we wold get free hotel for 2 nights…maybe 3… I can’t see a reason not to go… Oh, and the kids are out of school for conferences for 2 of the 3 days that we are gone…

Can anyone tell me why I should not go?

Should I still get AP’s? We are planning 8 nights in June with the grandparents. Which brings me to another question… Can I make a reservation- for 2 rooms where 2 of the people are not annual pass holders? How does that effect tickets and dining plan? Thanks for your help…


I can’t think of any reason NOT to go. Your kids are out 2 of the 3 days, you’ll have free lodging for part of the trip. Basically you only need to pay for park tickets and food. Good luck convincing your husband to bring you along.:happy:


Thanks… he thinks I am crazy, because we went for 8 days in June with the grandparents… But really, it is for the kids… they can celebrate Halloween.


I would buy the 5 days worth and just not have them put on your KTTW card.


I second this!


Get a five day park hopper and go to it~!:heart:


I would suggest going over the ticket price cost analysis at allears, and seeing which tickets work out best for you. If you are headed back in June, I think an annual pass might be a good option for you. :slight_smile:

Discounts with an ap are not written in stone, and you really can’t predict what the discounts will be, but you can check out past discounts on mousesavers. When we have had ap discounts in the past, they have usually been between 20 and 30 percent off rack rates. Hope that helps!


Thank you it does…


Just curious…how many wives does he have?



he he sorry about that. I guess that I was so excited… I typed too fast. We are both married to one person- each other lol.


There’s no need to have the tickets NOT on the KTTW card. The tickets encoded on the KTTW card don’t expire just because you checked out of the resort … they’re good for 14 days regardless of when you check out of your resort.


I booked today, and bought 4 tickets with a two night hotel reservation! All on my card- they said it would be no problem.


The number of nights you’re staying and the number of park days you buy on a ticket are totally independent of each other. You can have a 1 night stay with a 10-day ticket, and you can have a 10-night stay with a 1-day ticket, and so on.