How would you like a Lifesize Cinderella on your wall?


Just came found this and had to post it .

There is other Disney things to chose from as well

Cinderella - Princesses - Disney - Fathead Official Site

they look very cool to me :pirate: :pirate: :pirate: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey:


I like tinkerbell


These are very cool. I have one for the Philadelphia Eagles at my house.


yea i just saw tinkerbell


Those are cool.


My DD would love to have a princess and my youngest DS would love the POC! I’ll have to remember this next year when we build our new house!


I saw these advertised on TV last night. They are big. I like Tinkerbell too.


My DD would :heart: these!!!


Pretty cool! They have Tink too!


I think every princess would love to have that on their wall.

When my daughter was 3, I painted a mural of Cinderella on her bedroom wall. I also painted a pillow with slipper perched on top and little mouse whole with 2 little mice peaking out. She had a princess room of course!!


I love fat heads. We have individual ones of our kids playing their sports. Its neat to see them up on the wall in an entertainment room or even in their bedroom.


They look fun! I had things like that on my wall when I was really young…but they were Barbie, not Cinderella. :smile:


Those are neat…but they would scare the crap out of me when I woke up in the middle of the night! :laugh:


I just found these this morning as well. I’m sure my dd wants, HSM and HM, my little one would like power rangers but they didn’t have them, but he would settle for Darth Vader. My oldest son loves Nightmare before Christmas and they didn’t have that either. I thought they were really neat. I think I’ll save up and get some.


To answer the original question… nope, don’t think I would. :laugh:


I’m waiting for the Dana cutout!


Me too . . . my little DD4 has the Princess ones on her wall . . . now she wants Hannah Montana?


I want Hannnnnah! :]

And maybe for my three year old niece! :blush:


I wish they had Snow White or Peter Pan!