How you know you're a Mouse Junkie


I just want to start a thread that is filled with ways that you know that you’re a Mouse Junkie.

I will start it off:

  1. I refuse to call “Spaceship Earth” the “big golf ball”.

Ok your turn!


I’m getting a “TITANIUM” ring with Mickey logos on it !!!
… I’m sure I will post on here again other things that come to mind!


It’s still called the peoplemover at our house… no TTA… and we miss Mr. Morrow…


See … I told ya" :laugh:
I was fixing mini pizzas in the oven last night and accidently hit the pan while I was taking it out of the oven. Three of them were placed in the corner of the cooking sheet in the iconic Mickey shape. And of course I had to show the wife! It’s scary I know!


No pictures???


No time for pictures … I was hungry!!!:laugh:


Well, at least you noticed… we do this all the time.

We found a hidden mickey in the wall decor at Nordstroms on Saturday… we made an activity out of it…


We still hum the old tune to Carousel of Progress…Now is the time, now is the best time…


When you’ve lost count of how many times you visited WDW, you are a true Mouse junkie.


Wait wouldn’t that be the newer song? Cause originally it was “Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow” then it was “Now is the Time” and now it’s back to “Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow”.

Also, I know I’m a Mouse Junkie because I spotted a fish in my parents fish tank that has a hidden Mickey on it’s tail.


I check Mousebuzz every day.


when they subpeona mickey to testify to your whereabouts during you divorce proceedings!!!
(not that it’s happened to me… YET)!!!


It really takes all I have to hold myself back when people refer to the Magic Kingdom as “Disney World”. Exp: “We went to Disney World, Hollywood Studios and Epcot”.


We sing “It’s a Great Big Beautiful Tommorrow” at random times and places. It never fails, one of the family will start it and then the rest join in. It doesn’t matter where we are. The mall and the zoo have probably received complaints about “those crazy people” but it puts you in the best mood ever!


Or they see Sleeping Beauty’s Castle and call it “Disney World”
I found myself wanting to correct people on that all the time… :blush:


When your husband paints hidden mickeys around your home and wants you to find them! I smile everyday when I pass the one on our front steps leading into the house!


We were at an all you can eat breakfast yesterday morning and DD6 wanted a certain pancake because it was shaped like mickey…DH thought we were crazy, I say its a sign.


I have Mickey Mouse fuzzy dice in my truck and am looking to incorporate hidden Mickeys when I repaint my bike.

Most of the artwork in our house has a Disney flavor to it, either pictures I’ve taken or posters / artwork we have bought at the House of Mouse.

Our shower curtain came from the Yacht Club ( got to love eBay )

But really I am normal…


So cute!! What a great idea!! I wonder if I did that if DH would ever notice?!?!


Try it! What could it hurt?