How's June?


We have been thinking of making our next trip In the month of Nov (not this year) but not 100% sure.

So what can you tell me about Disney in June? How is the humidty, rain , temps, crowds? I am looking at early June (1st or 2nd week). I want to know it all!!!:laugh: :laugh: :blush:


If you can go the first week it really isn’t that bad. The longer you wait the bigger the crowds are going to be and the hotter it’s going to get. Our best trip was the last week in May and the first week of June. The weather was wonderful and the crowds were luch better than July when we usually have to go.


Sounds great! Usually the kids are out no later than June 6 and that is when they have to add snow days to our schedule.
We went this past August and we thought we would die from the heat and humidity!!:eek: My DH and I went once, just the 2 of us, in August and I don’t remember it being that bad- guess it’s when you add 3 kids that the heat and all is more noticeable!


We were at WDW the first week of August last year and it was hotter than we’ve seen in the past. June can be hot but it’s usually a little cooler than August and not quite so rainy.


We’ve gone the first week in June and had a great time…Star Wars Weekend makes it a little more crowded on the weekends than usual but overall it was a good experience. It wasn’t too hot, probably in the mid to high 80’s all week but we really liked it…hopefully that’s when we’ll be going back this year!


We often go right when school gets out (1st-2nd week of June) and find it to be a pretty good time to go. I’m a teacher, so our choices are fairly limited. We just got back from a Jan. 2nd-8th trip and for the most part, the crowds were much heavier than when we typically go in June. We decided to try something different this year due to the late X-mas break, but we’ll probably go back to a June trip next year. We had a couple of very chilly days (by Florida standards) which was kind of a bummer. That made DH crabby & he said he’d never go in Jan. again! Given that, I think that the beginning of June is a good option. You do often get an afternoon rain storm, but it usually doesn’t last long. It can be pretty hot in June, but not as bad as in Aug. Good luck!


July has got to be the worst. It has all the bad ingredients. Heat, hummidity, crowds, body odor.:blow: It’s when we usually go. It happens to work for us.

Go figure!


We usually go 2nd week of June each Summer, just after school lets out for us. It is usually during Star Wars Weekend, hot with heat index’s in 100’s, and very crowded. BUT… with cooling off at the pool, taking a break during the day, taking your time, using FAST PASSES (a must), EMH’s, and being patient, it’s fine.


June is good, esp. early June before most of the schools are out!


we are seriously considering june (2009) for our next trip. we’d leave just after school gets out on may 28th, and stay until june 7th (i think that was the sunday that week). my only concerns are starwars weekend, if it is that weekend, and gaydays (not for any reason other than crowds), and heat.

i am still hoping for january 2009, as it’s closer, but i think we could stay longer if we go in june, so i’ll probably cave and give in to DH and go then!

crossing fingers for a way to go in september this year, if they offer free dining though


I understand your hopes!!!:laugh: I would REALLY love to go in the next year or so, but with the issue of buying a bigger house looming over our heads, it doesn’t look like it is going to happen:crying:
I didn’t think of SW weekend…have to look into that when the time gets closer and think of the crowds.


Not as bad as August sounds good to me!!:laugh: :laugh:


I think July will not happen for us then- I would love to carry deodorant around and do a surprise attack on some of the people I encounter- AK has got to be the worst!!:blow:


Your not the only one! Especially when your stuck in a million miles long queue and they keep lifting their arms into your face! URGH!