How's the new Dinosaur Restaurant


How is the new restaurant in DtD? Is is on the DDP? I know that Rain Forest Cafe is not. We have a while before we can actually make our DDP ADR’s but I was just curious.


Not been there yet but on the 2009 DDP it does not feature T-Rex at DTD:sad:


ANy pics of the resturant yet?


I don’t think it is on the DDP yet. DH and I went to T-Rex in Dec and enjoyed it. I think it has a great theme and the food is ok.


allears might have some or just google T-Rex I’m sure I have seen some photos somewhere


My parents called me from the T-Rex restaurant a couple of weeks ago and said that the theme was good and the food was surprisingly good.

I personally cannot give a review because I haven’t eaten there yet.


We ate there in Oct. Good food, great special effects!


you wanted photos of T-Rex use this link

New T-Rex restaurant at Downtown Disney photos –

it looks bril


We were there in November and thought the theme was very different. If you like Rainforest Cafe’s food then you will like this one.


It is not on the DDP and you need to call them directly for reservations.


just to let everyone know t rex is taking reservations 6 months in advance I just booked lunch for the day we leave to come home at 1:00 pm…


I loved it! I’m a RFC fan too, but I prefer the T-rex Restaurant now. The food was much better, in my opinion. And the meteor shower is cooler than the thunderstorm. :laugh:


babets, we couldn’t get in last month. It was really packed. Good news was that it sort of opened up the other DTD restaurants.


We visited the restaurant in October right after it opened. We were told that it was a part of the wine and dine dining package. Don’t know how many people actually opt for that package but that is how it works. It was very busy but we still had great service and our food was great. I just have a few pics and here they are.


I forgot to say in the last post that the restaurant is themed very much like Rainforest-but instead has a fire room an ice room and a water room and has a meteor shower which sets off the restaurant into changing colors and what not. But it is not scary for children or anything. It’s very fun.


Last few pics- I hope this helps


Thanks Toria, those pics look awesome!


Oh, those pictures are awesome! Thanks so much for posting them! :happy:


No problem-I know how much help pics can be.


OH wow - I wanna try it so bad!

Those pictures are really great!