Hows the weather?


Okay, fellow Floridians, over here in the Chicagoland area I always say I believe a politician more than a weatherman because our weather people NEVER get it right. I’m hoping its true for Florida also! We are to arrive on Monday and guess what the weather forecast says…Thunderstorms Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and then Sunny on Saturday…we leave for home Friday night! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE tell me that the forecasters are always wrong in your area also!


They are wrong in the south too… Keep in mind there, it is usually a passing shower if anything, and then nothing the rest of the day. Have fun!


It has been great all week and I saw too that rain was predicted but rarely does it rain all day in this area. I am in Cocoa Beach now and many times when I was here there was rain predicted every day for a week and we got 2 periods of rain that lasted an hour each. But I do know when it rains here it REALLY rains.


We have the same forecast here :frowning: But…I wouldn’t worry too much about it yet. I’ve come to realized that you can’t count on any forecast in FL more than 48 hours out ~ if that much.


Even if it does rain, I’d take 80 and rain over what we have right now in the North…wouldn’t you? It’s COLD and 30 here in MI.


Yes, but Mom’s got a scooter in which she’s worried about getting wet. So, we’ll hope for the best, and enjoy the resort if it’s pouring.


Well they got the weather right today, rain, rain, rain.


well it shouldbe clear sailing the rest of the way…hopefully enjoy


I’ll go into more detail with my trip report, but here’s what we dealt with Wednesday afternoon:

And, then on Thursday, woke up to more storms, with tornado warnings in three separate surrounding counties. At one point, there was recorded wind gust of 100 and 80 mph in towns just West of Orlando.


OH NO!! I hope you have fun anyway! Don’t go to AK when it’s raining, very few attractions are inside. We were there a few years ago and it started pouring- we were soaked even with umbrellas. My watch face was even full of water LOL!


Oh my, that does not look like the happiest place on earth. I hope at least it’s warmish. My fear is going in dec and having it cold AND raining.


Good thing in the south is the storms usually pass pretty quick and then you’re onto the next thing but I’d invest in a couple of ponchos before hand too. Two years ago my dad was with us on a scooter and we were able to cover most of it with a poncho.

Unless of course, you have to deal with what “bethishooked” experienced…hope your trip got better!


Yikes! That looks like some seriously dangerous weather! I hope things improve for you and that you are able to enjoy your trip!


I hope you were able to enjoy yourselves even with the weather. Thursday was horrible! I was thinking about you and wondering how you were were dealing with the weather!


it seems to be getting better so I hope your trip is long enough to enjoy the better weather