How's this look?


I made our ADRs months ago but decided to add one today so we could meet up with some friends who are going to be at WDW the same time we are. Here’s our plans for our Christmas trip:

Day 1
Dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern
Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party (First time–I can’t wait)

Day 2
Lunch at Garden Grill (New for us)

Day 3
Lunch at Sci Fi
We may try to get in early and meet up with our friends, their ADR is about 90 minutes before ours. They have a boy Nate’s age so the 6 of us would fit nicely in one car and the boys would have someone to sit with.

Day 4
Breakfast at Chef Mickey’s
Dinner at Yachtman’s Steakhouse with friends (first time)

Day 5 Christmas day
Dinner at Hoop Dee Doo

Day 6 leave for home


OOh very good!! I really hope you will enjoy the Garden Grill. We just love it there. Lunch is a good choice too.

And I just know you will love the MVMCP!!


Sounds great!!!


Sounds fun…I’m so glad you are going to Christmas Party!
That’s on my list of must dos one day!


It sounds like a fantastic trip. You’re going to love the Christmas Party! :smile:


I like your plans…looks perfect to me.:heart:


They sound great! You will enjoy Garden Grill!!


THanks everyone!! I’m finally starting to get a little excited about this trip. I want to take it but for some reason it doesn’t feel real at all.


In 66 days it will be TOTALLY real…lol


I know!! I can’t wait to see WDW with all the Christmas decorations, it’s really a dream come true.


Take me with you…please. I don’t eat much and I won’t be to much of a pain…:frown: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


I would take you in a heartbeat!!:heart:


My next trip we definately be at Christmas time. Can’t wait to hear all about it!


YOU WILL LOVE MVMCP . . . it’s SUPER magical! We’re trying Garden Grill for the first time in NOV . . . I’ll let you know how it goes . . . but by comments on this posts, I’m sure it will be GREAT! Can’t wait to see your TR!! :happy:


You are going to love MVMCP! We will be there at the same time. It will be a bit crowded, but it is the best time of year to go in my humble opinion. By the way, your ADDR’s look great!


It’s even more beautiful than you can possibly imagine! I have pictures of Christmas decorations all over my site, all the parks and most of the resorts, but they don’t do it justice. Be sure to visit the deluxe resorts while you’re there. The GF has the huge gingerbread house, the BC has their gingerbread carousel, but the one with the most decorations seems to be the Boardwalk Inn.


Don’t tease me lady…I’ll find you…:laugh:


those sound great! can’t wait to hear (and see) all about your MVMCP!!!


Steph, would you believe that of your choices, we have only eaten at one (Sci-Fi)??? This would be an all-new list of restaurants for us, and that would make the trip a totally new adventure. So I love your choices!!!

Every one of those places has a great reputation, too. Can I come with you???


I have never been to Garden Grill either. There have been a lot of favorable comments about it lately.

I think you got a good mix of places. :smile: