HS Musical Pep Rally


DD7 is totally obsessed with High School Musical these days. I remember hearing about the Pep Rally - but I don’t know much about it. Is it at MK or MGM? Is it like a parade or a show? Any info would be helpful - can’t wait to surprise her since she doesn’t even know this exists at WDW. thanks!


its at MGM and it’s a show - but there is thread here from Rowdy Raider - it’s changing this fall to be more like HSM2 - so you’ll get to see the original (well, i assume it’s the same as when it started at MK) in just 8 days!! lucky you!!

check out that thread - it may have info on location, etc!


Check the times when you get to the park, and like any popular attraction LINE UP EARLY . . . it’s a free for all right in front of the Mickey Hat . . . it’s a float they ride in on, park and then jump down, place props . . . they do a short version of the popular songs, then they pull kids out of the audience to shoot baskets and learn the dance moves . . . so you want to be close in, CUZ YOU KNOW there is always the 6ft Dad putting his kids on his shoulders for a better view!!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Oooo, thanks for the tips, my soon-to-be 12 yr old is obsessed with HSM & HSM2, to say the least!:blink:


Is it only once a day - like a parade? This is a short trip for us so MGM will only be a 1/2 day. That’s soooo funny about the 6 ft dad!!! DD is small and timid so big kids always seem to push in front of her!! I want to make sure I am early to get her a good spot! Thanks for the advise!


They allow they children to get up and dance at the end of the show with them. my dd7 and ds10 LOVED it


i believ it happens several times throughout the day!


Not sure what time it starts, but I think it’s like approx. every 45 minutes throughout the day . . . AT CHECK IN . . . ask the CM to print you the weekly showtimes schedule for all the parks . . . IT REALLY helps with planning the day . . . arrival time, etc. :happy:


It started at 10:30 the day we were there July 17, there were several shows that day I think 3.You need to find a spot about 45 mins. before hand the show takes place in front of the Sorcers Hat.


The pep rally is at MGM. It has one big float that is followed by several dancers, singers. The rally takes place in front of the Big Micky’s hat and they sing songs from the musical and have a lot of fun. My DD8 and DS11 loved it. We even saw some 16 year old boys singing along with all the songs.


Is this one going to be like the one at DL?


According to Rowdy, this is going to be changing. There is a thread around here about it.


Here is the link.



We went to MGM for the day this past Saturday and the were two performances that we noticed. The first was at 10:00 which was just as we got there and the kids loved it. The second was mid-afternoon. Not sure if there was an evening one or not. We left around 5:15.


Looks like multiple showings this week.

Walt Disney World Live Entertainment

High School Musical Pep Rally
Catch Wildcat fever! Cheer the interactive fun as school spirit overtakes you when you join in this awesome pep rally. East High cheerleaders and basketball stars lead the fun as you learn cheers and cool dance moves. Jam to the hottest tracks from the wildly popular Disney Channel movie and then strut your stuff to the super-charged musical finalé.
25-minute shows at Sorcerer Hat
10:35 & 11:35am, 1:00, 3:45, 4:45 & 5:45pm


Thanks for posting that . . . we’re going on Sat and I needed that info!! :wub:


it is at MGM. Personally we are not that interested in it although we know it has a huge following. While we were waiting for Lightning and Mater the rally and float came past us and I have to say it was pretty good and seemed to draw a crowd. There was also a fair amount of memorabilia for sale on it just by the Drew Carey building so your DD will be sure to find lots for her no doubt ever increasing collection!:laugh:


Oh dear. Thanks for the warning. I’ve been telling our 11 yr old to save her $$ for the trip. Once she sees that collection, she’ll understand WHY I’ve been on her case … :laugh: The Jr. High she goes to? Their mascot is Wildcats!! :happy:


Hey HSM fans. Thought I’d share this bit of possible bad news. There will likely not be an HSM 3 after all. From what I heard reported, the two leads (Zack Efron and Vanessa Hudgens) are giving the producers a hard time about money.

'Walt Disney Studios today released the following statement: “There is no contractual obligation for any of the cast members to return. That said, we are in active negotiations with all of the principle cast members and are feeling optimistic.”

‘High School Musical 3’ could be in trouble - Access Hollywood - MSNBC.com


When I was at MK last Nov they had the Pep Rally there. It was right near SM. It was several times. Not sure if it was only during that time or if they moved it to MGM.