HS Resort?


Which is the best HS resort and why?

I am kicking around the idea of booking a bounce back when I am in WDW in Sept. for Star Wars Weekends and I want to stay at the best HS resort since that will be the park of our focus.

Thanks everyone!



There really isn’t an HS resort.
I guess you can consider the Crescent Lake 5 as HS resorts almost as much as they are Epcot resorts and CSR is the closest mod to the Studios.


Maybe one of the Boardwalk area resort as HS is only a short boat ride away.


I second that, Boardwalk, Beach, Yacht, Dolphin and Swan are just boat rides away.


I would vote for Boardwalk or Beach Club. Hope you get a chance to book the bounce back!! It’s always fun to have another vacation planned before your current one is over. Life without a vacation countdown really stinks!


These would be the Crescent Lake 5 that I mentioned.


Never heard of the Boardwalk hotels as being called that…guess that why I joined this site, to learn something new!:happy:


I got tired of always calling them the Epcot resorts or referring to them all by name.
Simply, there’s 5 hotels and they’re all on Crescent Lake, so they’re the Crescent Lake 5.
It wouldn’t be the first time I started calling something by a new name that it’s sort of caught on.
So, up by the MK, you’ve got the monorail resorts and on Crescent Lake between Epcot and The Studios, you’ve got the Crescent Lake 5.:frostyang

By the way, only the Boardwalk Inn (and Villas) are Boardwalk hotels.


You can’t go wrong with either the Boardwalk or Yacht & Beach Club. Of those three we like the Beach Club the best but they’re all great resorts n


I don’t really see any difference between Yacht and Beach. Other than slight variation in decor, they are physically the same and they share everything.
Where the Beach has a slight edge is its location is about 300 feet closer to the International Gateway and by virtue of its location on the bus route, its bus stop is closer to Epcot (for those times you’re trying to get to DTD from Epcot).
I know it’s a personal preference thing.
That’s why my favorites are WL and Contemporary.

On topic, you also can’t go wrong with the Dolphin, especially if you can get a room with a balcony. The two drawbacks to Dolphin are that you can’t charge your park purchases back to your room and you can’t buy an official Disney vacation plan/dining plan.