HSM pins?


Do they make HSM pins for trading? How about starter lanyards of HSM? Thanks


I must be absent-minded today 'cause I can’t even fathom what “HSM” would stand for!!!


Good, I thought I was the only one.


Wait–I think I have it High School Musical???


Sorry… I thought that was the lingo :laugh: On ebay thats how its posted… HSM = high school musical. :blush: i feel so out of the loop


I didn’t notice any HSM pins last month but I wasn’t looking for them either.


Yep. When I was there in Dec. I saw both individual pins and starter sets.


Wow! I need to get that for my DD for easter… Is there a number to call and order it directly?


The mail order number for WDW 1.407.363.6200


:laugh: I knew what HSM was!! :blush:


Thanks DT Im going to call right now…


Thats because you and I are Sharpay stalkers :heart: :laugh:


DD got HSM2 and Hannah Montanna in september! there was a regular HSM too, but she just got the one - she is her fathers daughter, and won’t spend her own $! lol, silly girl - not like me…spend spend spend. maybe that’s why we aren’t going to wdw this year? ha!


Oh! HSM!!! Hahaha… I think I saw HSM pins on eBay, including an HSM lanyard. I will go back and see if Ican find the link.


Here is a link to a TON of them on eBay!

High School Musical lanyard, TV, Movie, Character Toys, Disneyana items on eBay.com


I seen this on Ebay as well. This isnt a real set. I wanted to get the real starter lanyard from the parks. This person just makes up HSM laynards from clairs or something and puts pins on it…


It’s true! :wub: :laugh: