HSM the M


Guess where Im going with my sweet little 10 year old daughter tonight???

She is so cute- she has her High school musical shirt on and dressed all pink and sparkly like sharpe… she is so excited!!! She only knows two more people that have tickets and its sold out from what I understand so she is over the moon!:wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: I love being a good mom!


have a great time! can’t wait to hear all about it!


Have a great time!


We are going out for sushi “just the girls” before we go. Im excited too I have to admit- I know all the music for both the first and second movie by now and she is going to be so cute… I expect mama tears to flow tonight for sure!


Well we went last night and I have to say it was a LOT OF FUN!!! We were on the balcony and so we were close enough and over everything so we saw everything however we were far enough away that we could not see detail in faces so that Em was not upset it wasnt the real actors- you never would have known. Well other than the guy that played the dad… that was rough to believe. He looked younger than the guy playing troy. There were at least 2 new songs too that they sang. Oh and the choregraphy was wonderfull! The “get your head in the game” song was just amazing!!! I really enjoyed it. And I stopped at Marshalls on our way there to kill time, on clearance in the adult section (someone hiding it Im sure) I found a High School Musical jean jacket for Emily that was on clearance for $10!!! SCORE!

Im laughing that there are only 3 posts on this thread too… apparently there are not enough preteen parents here that recognize the whole HSM thing! LOL


oh, i am pretty far from preteen (my girls are almost 4 and almost 7) - but HSM is HUGE here!! DH was just saying (well…kinda complaining, shhh) that he hadn’t seen HSM2 yet!! he got to see it the other night tho! I love those movies too!!

oh - i’m sure you have seen the HSM barbies, but i had only seen troy, gabriella and sharpay. Amazon.com has chad too. and i am gonna look to see if they have others. of course, now that we have seen it, DD’s have to have them all!!


ok, here is the link

Amazon.com: high school musical doll

they also have ryan and ooh, what’s her name…i can’t remember! anyway…great christmas presents!!


em is a little past the doll stage. She is more into the whole teen part of it all. She totaly cringed and giggled when they finally kissed last night- the whole theatre went nuts- it was funny. And I think that 4 and 7 qualify as pre teen… they are not teens yet but want to be apparently…LOL


I have a DD 10 & DS 13. They have seen both movies. DD loves to watch and rewatch. DS sat through it… but that was enough for him. I think he just wanted to see what the big deal was. Then he realized, it was a chick thing… so he was out of there!


We are going to see High School Musical on Ice in nvember, dd (6) loves the show


HSM mania is alive an well in our home. DD had the Gabriella doll and will be getting the Troy doll for Christmas. On our recent trip we were fortunate enough to see the first HSM 2 pep rally at the Studios. You won’t believe what I went through for her to see it.

It was cute though.

I didn’t know there was a musical show with actors. Sounds like you had a really good time.


we saw HMS 2 at MGM last month too - it was cute. We had seen the 1st show at MK last year too. THe girls just love anything HSM!


We are going in April. Can you believe tickets have been on sale since August!!! :blink:


Ooooo I love HSM! I love the music and the cheesyness of it all lol I could watch those films all night every night! Oh and Im 20 haha


We are too . . . we’ll be in NJ for Thanksgiving . . . we’re going to the Friday the 23rd show!! My girls can’t wait . . . my DD3 knows all the words to all the songs . . . and when you watch the movie you gotta get up and DANCE!!

My friend and her girls went to the show in Sunrise, FL two weeks ago . . . they said it was AWESOME . . . the first half was HSM the second HSM2!! We can’t wait to go! :happy:


I’m um 35 . . . and I feel the same um way!! :blush: :blush: :blush:


36 here… and I have been walking around this morning singing either “huma huma nuka nuka apuah ah-” or “Stick with the stuff you know”
Just for those that ONLY have seen the movie of HSM2… the tiki song is ONLY on the cd which apparently I have been listening to OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER again!

“I wanna waka waka waka nicky poo poo poo”


Yes that scene in the movie must have ended up on the cutting room floor . . . I hope its on the DVD cuz I’d love to see it! :happy:


Yep, I’m caught in the trap too. I know all the songs and dance moves (although I don’t do them in public) and love to sing along.


I do it in public all the time just to make the kids blush