HSM3 on DVD and Blu-Ray February 17!


Just saw the commercial (I don’t watch much tv :laugh:). I cannot wait! We will definitely be purchasing it (have to complete the collection… :closedeye).


DD5 can’t wait either . . . she is counting down!


I just saw the ad too. I am going to get the blu-ray version because it has the dvd and digital copy. I will give my cousin the dvd and my little sister the digital copy.


We picked up the regular DVD today. DD wanted the extended edition but it was $25. I thought that was a bit much for the regular DVD. So we will be watching it later this evening.

Did anyone else get it?


I planned on being at the store first thing to buy it today, but it looks like I’ll have to wait to get to Wal-Mart until later in the week. :dry: I need my HSM fix!!


It really was my favorite of the three. The jump to the big screen was great. The dance numbers are amazing.


Got it at that french bullseye store today…already watched it twice so far w/ the kids (maybe another showing later for just the adults…we’ll see:smile:).


Sissy is sick, so I’ll pick up HSM3 for her after school, tomorrow. She watched HSM1 and 2 the other day.


We’re picking it up tomorrow as well. We just got the HSM3 Wii game so that’s been keeping them busy!


We got a coupon in our email yesterday for 10$ off so we’ll be picking it up today!


Yep, I got the same cupon. It was for $10 off the Blu-ray disc and $5 off the extended version. So I will be giving the regular DVD I bought yesterday to my nieces and will be returning today to buy the Extended version from Wal Mart today. With $5 off and a 10% discount (MIL works there) it should come out to less than $20.


I know Target is having a sale too $15.99 for the DVD, $10 Target GC is you purchase a HSM doll with it.


We buy the Blue Ray too. Best Buy has it for 25.99 then plus my 10$ off coupon…15.99 isn’t too bad!!


I got it at wal mart today for $15.97…i love wal mart!!
DD5 was angry at me last night because i ‘forgot’ to go get it!
what was i thinking!!


MY dd got her copy today it was on special offer at HMV for £9.00 (very cheap for the UK) she’s thrilled to bits!


I got it today!!! I decided on the special edition Blu-Ray(with DVD and digital copy), even though we don’t have a Blu-Ray player. :laugh: The regular DVD was $20, and the Blu-Ray was $25… I figured it would be worth the extra $5. It has extra bonus features, and we can put the digital copy on our iPods. :happy: