Huge airtran sale


not sure how long its lasting - but i just got $100 roundtrip from Indy to MCO!! it’s on priceline and hotwire for sure.

just wanted to pass on the savings - hope it works for someone else too!


Well, I thought I would just check this out, not sure why, I would be disappointed if I found a better price than we have already paid, but just out of curiosity.
We are flying SW, AirTran doesn’t offer any nonstops from RDU (Raleigh-Durham,NC) to MCO. We would have to fly thru Atlanta.
Long story short-you got a fantastic deal!! But I am glad I didn’t find cheaper, non-stop flights for myself, or I would have been unhappy!!:pirate: :laugh:


What a great deal!!!:ohmy: Wish I could take advantage of it myself.:pinch:


I found $69 each way from Newark to MCO but there is no way I’m going to take 9 hours to get to Florida!! They do not offer any non-stop flights and for a total savings of only $400 (for 12 of us) it’s not worth dragging 6 kidds through two airports!


isn’t that the truth…I am NOT dragging my son from airport to airport NO Way… We have and it is a pain…I will pay a premium just so I don’t have to deal with layovers or stop overs…


I SWEAR by SW AIRLINES… The flight attendants are out of this world!!! They treated my son like a KING he was dotted on the whole trip…:frostyang …not to mention it was his first flyine experience and boy did they step up to the plate. Our whole trip was AWESOME!!


we must have gotten lucky then -we got nonstop on the way down & just a 40 minute layover on the way home.


We had gotten our AirTran for I believe $89.00 each way and when the $49.00 came out and I saw it I called and they did give me a refund, well sort of. They do not give you the cash back but they put it in your account that you can use for your next trip.

ALSO on AirTran you can now check into your flight at WDW. I love that!


We are going down SW for $139 roundtrip, per person.

I love this airline and have nothing but great experiences. I cannot say enough about traveling non-stop with children. Sometimes the little extra expense is worth it.