Hugh Problem


My grandmom just informed me that on our stay at WDW she needs to go to church.Pref catholic. Please help. I have no idea what to do!!!


No worries. Just do a search for Catholic churches in the WDW area. I’m willing to be you can find a church within 15 minutes of the maingate.


Thanks so much. Dont they have one in WDW?? Am i gonna have to rent a car for this.


The have servies on WDW property. Go to and they will tell you exactly where and when.


WDW religious services were discontinued a couple of years ago. :frown:

Tink, I would think taking a cab would be best. OR you might want to check…it may be local churches provide shuttle service. A former CM in the college program told me some churches provide shuttles to/from CM housing.


I would look up Catholic churches in the area and contact them to see what they provide. (Maybe just a generous parishioner swinging by the resort to pick her up.)


My grandma was a devout Catholic and she used to attend services IN WDW!! I think it’s so unfortunate that they rid of those services but I agree that you WILL be able to find something close by. Are you going to have a rental car?


I agree with Cavey. This has to be common and I’m sure the churches in the area have a system worked out to get vactioners to them. (and I think the Unofficial Guide) shoud list the closest Catholic churches (I think there’s one within 1.5 miles) and if you give them a call, they should be able to set something up with you.

No worries!


Here is a list of some:

The closest Catholic church off property is Mary, Queen of the Universe Shrine which is located 2 1/2 miles north of Lake Buena Vista. The address is 8300 Vineland Ave. The church is extremely large and can accommodate 2,000 people. There are beautiful gardens, fountains and a gift shop which is open daily. Call 407-239-6600 for the Mass schedule. Ask Guest Services for transportation information.[/I]

Info about Disney World Canceling Christian Services December 18, 2002:\Culture\archive\200212\CUL20021218b.html


Catholic mass was once held out doors at the Poly but ended a while ago. My guess is that with the number of diff. beliefs and number of guests now on property it must have been getting to complicated.


If any of y’all know where Dixie Stampede is, this Church is on the same road. It sits right next to the sorta new outlet mall. And when they say it’s HUGE, they aren’t joking.


Here are the directions:

From Mary, Queen of the Universe Shrine site:

From Lake Buena Vista Hotels: Take S.R. 535 south (towards I-4), go under I-4 and continue in the left lane to Vineland Avenue (about 300 yards). Turn left at the traffic light onto Vineland Avenue (at Little Lake Bryan) and proceed to the Shrine entrance.


We go to the MQofU church. It’s close by and is easy to get to. I have no idea how you’d get there if you didn’t have a rental car though.

Before the new church was built, they used to send a priest over to the Poly to say mass on Sundays. Since it’s been finished however, they only do the mass in the church itself.
They have several mass times to choose from, as well as a Saturday night vigil if you prefer.


Mary Queen of the Universe church is really nice. Be aware,though,that the priest spends at least 10-15 minutes at the beginning of mass asking where everyone comes from and tells everyone all about the church. When you’ve been as many times as my mother has been,it gets kind of boring.


Mary Queen of the Universe is huge.
I went shopping one day in the outlet mall and we entered the church instead and we got lost- just in the parking lot!!


We caught that priest once. We thought he said the same mass every week and went late the following week thinking we were just missing that welcoming talk. We ended up being late for a mass said by a totally different priest! :eek:


Im looking for something that will be quick. I need to make sure we can be back for the fireworks. Does anyone know how long the mass takes??


Mary, Queen of the Universe is huge but really close to WDW. During my college program we would occassionally walk there from our apartment complex. I would definitely recommend driving there though, it was a decent walk.


Heh-heh. You’re not a practicing Catholic, are you? :happy: Mass is mass. Weekday masses can be shorter due to no music and less people, but you can count on Sunday mass (or Saturday night vigil) being at least 45 mins. Add traffic coming out of the parking lot to that.

Why don’t you just go to mass on Sunday morning instead?


The church is really close to Chatham Square where I live and traffic can get really bad when the services end because there aren’t many traffic lights around. So much that they actually have police directing traffic. So do plan on some time for that as well.

As far as the length of the service, I am no help on that.