Hurricane Dean


Heads up!!! Currently a Tropical Storm


Yikes… what’s are they saying about this one? Will it get stronger?


Well last I heard, Noon News (I’m in Palm Beach) that is was going to be a Cat 3 when it hits land BUT they think it is going to miss FL . . . will prob bring rain though!?!? :crying:


Winds are at 60 mph. Most likely will be upgraded to Hurricane tomorrow. Best guess at this point is that it will miss Florida and go into the Gulf. Probably taking a route south of Cuba.


Great!!! Then it will probably head straight for Louisiana…:mad:


There’s a second half to FL people! I happen to be in it. :frown:

I hate the ones that make it into the Gulf. Dean can bite me.


I heard on the noon news that it’s going to hit Texas.


^ Isn’t that the forecast for Erin?


Oh, maybe. :blink:


TS Erin will most likely hit Texas. It should be gone before TS Dean gets to Cuba. TS Dean should miss all of Florida, even those in the Panhandle. I would be concerned from New Orleans all the way to the Texas/Mexico border for a US landfall.


Dear Dean,

I dislike you greatly already, it only took a few hours after hearing about you for me to realize there is the possibility you could ruin “WDW Girl Trip '07.” Please fizzle out and go die somewhere. You are not welcome anywhere in the US.

With the greatest of respect,


Not that I want to be a party pooper, but I’m all in favor of ANYTHING that could bring some desperately-needed rain to the Southeast. The last thing I want to see is storms fizzling out before they can bring some moisture this way. (Sorry, Jess.)


There is a BIG difference between some needed rain and a HURRICANE! :pinch: I hope it comes on land as a regular summer front, but nothing more. Tropical Storms and Hurricanes are just too scary. I always hated them.


Agreed – a summer front.

A nice, big, juicy one that brings several days of wet.

JUST wet.


Me no likey Dean!:angry:


I posted this in the thread running in Resorts. I haven’t looked at the 11 AM update, but I’ll stick by this:

And now for a word form the National Hurricane Center. It’s looking likely that the Florida peninsula will be affected by Hurricane Dean sometime in the middle of next week. This is based on very early tracking that shows the storm track splitting between the western tip of Hispaniola (Haiti) and the eastern tip of Jamaica then west just south of Cuba and potentially turning north into the Gulf of Mexico. Of course, with this much time to go, it is possible that the storm could curve into the Atlantic and away from land, but I am worried about this one. It is also possible that the storm will continue on an east northeast heading and strike the Mexico/Texas border or even the Yucatan.

National Hurricane Center

Update: If, and that’s a big, but calculated IF, I might be right, and this won’t do much but cause some rain on the wind next weekend. The current track takes it through the west end of Jamaica and on into the Gulf on a fairly straight line to Yucatan.
But it is a hurricane.


No, no. Erin lives in Florida, somewhere between Jacksonville and Daytona.


Please, I just want to get there. I dont care if I have to sit in the room for a week eating saltines and drinking bottle water. :wacko: :crying:


OK, OK I will do this just this once (lol). If someone does not feel comfortable going to WDW during this hurricane I will be happy to take that risk for you. Just send me your airline tickets, room reservations, dining plans, etc. :laugh: I will let you know how bad the hurricane (trip) was when I get home. :laugh:


Not listening…:whistling la, la, la…