Hurricane Fay in WDW?


We’re leaving for WDW tomorrow for a week, and I just want to know if anyone in the Florida area can say if Hurricane Fay is expected to affect anything in that area?:ph34r::ohmy: Should we expect everything to be “business as usual” or not? Thanks for any help, and good wishes and safety to everyone who may be effected by the storm:heart:


I don’t know what’s gonna happen with Faye but I am suppose to fly to WDW on Tuesday and I am starting to feel really worried about it. I WILL say that I was staying at AKL once during an actual Tropical Storm and it really wasn’t that big of a deal. They delivered official updates to our rooms and I believe it even stated a period of time they suggested we stayed in our rooms or interior parts of the resort. It really wasn’t THAT bad, I remember being back in the parks that night.


My dd is a rep. in the Canada Pavillion and so far they have not gotten any special instructions with respect to Faye. She said everything is business as usual at WDW at the present. No one seems too worried. They expect that it might hit the Keys and then blow into the Gulf.


Thanks for the updates, ladies! I appreciate it


They still don’t really know where it is going to hit. Right now they have two storm paths. One hitting the Gulf side and one hitting the Atlantic. They said if it hits the Gulf it could become a Category 1 and if it hits the Atlantic it will be lighter winds. I am guessing because the water is much warmer in the gulf. It will be a big rainmaker.


I hope that all is well with your flights and your trip!


Try not to worry it will be ok. We just have to keep saying our Prayers.


The safest place to be if a hurricane hits is WDW! They know what to do and how to keep the guests safe. Not to worry . . . I really don’t think it will reach that far North. Like said probably rain, light winds . . . maybe.

I will say RIGHT NOW IN SOUTH FLORIDA . . . it is raining CATS and DOGS! WOWEE!!! :glare: