Hurricane threat alert


TS Chris is expected to develop into a cat 1 hurricane over the next few days.

I looks like it will pass thru the straits of FL and then turn in the Gulf. The water temp in the Gulf is lower then it was last year but still has enough heat to help a hurricane gain strength.

I saw another tropical wave leaving the coast of Africa on the sat loop so we could be looking at another later next week.

It looks like hurricane season is starting to heat up.


:sad: I hope this season is a quiet one.


This storm has some upper level winds its going to hit and it should not be much stronger then 75 mph when it passes the FL straights.



Just keep it away from the FL/AL stateline. K? K.


Not cool.:nonono2:

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well I guess it figures since I was going to try and go see Dixie and her family while they were in the states… I just hope they do not get stuck in NJ / NY this trip :frowning:


Even though I don’t live in Florida anymore this time of year always scares the bejesus out of me. I HATE hurricanes, and having a sister-in-law & her husband with a new baby living on Key West, various family & friends in West Palm, and in-laws spread all over the west coast of Florida I pretty much have the whole state covered as far as worry goes! Then there are all of our coastal DC friends.

Here’s hoping for a mild one!!!


I am not tooconcerned about Chris and that is with Miami most likely getting a good chunk of the storm going through over the weekend.

I just hope that it is clear skies for our trip in a few weeks :frowning:


From what I have heard it will not get much more above a cat 1 until it passes threw the straits of FL. If it does go threw the straits (not over land) then it could gather strength quickly. Once it is in the gulf it more or less has to come ashore somewhere.


There are NOT going to be any hurricanes this year. They will all fizzle out in the ocean.

Let’s all think POSITIVE! Everybody. Right now!


Come on Chris,come and get us!!!


From your lips to God’s ears llama.


When it goes into the gulf, is it gonna turn, and come and get me? I’m just askin’. Cuz, I wanna know.


They really don’t know what it is gonna do yet…the models are all over the place for both track and strenght.


I cringe a little with each advisory… as the cone slowly approaches my neck of the woods… :dry:


Haaaa don’t encourage him or her… lol

We can only hope and pray, but Tiggers right once it gets into the gulf with the warm temps it can intensify…


New 5 day.

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Chris is a he this year. We already had “Beryl” female name and “Debby” female name is next. The names are always rotaed between male and female. Male, Female, Male, Female, etc…

The next male name is Ernesto.


Yeah,I know. I just figure if I say it long and loud enough,it won’t come to florida at all,much less Disney or Central Florida!!


We were at WDW Contemporary during 2004 Hurricane Frances. I can’t imagine a better place to be if you have to be in a hurricane. It was disappointing in the days before the arrival of the storm as our dining reservations were cancelled one by one (Contemporary was great in informing us on the status WDW operations). Though confined to our rooms for much of the hurricane, as were other guests throughout WDW. We had a “bird’s eye” view of the storm from our room as it passed over Orilando. The blackbirds were literally flying backwards. The hotel provided huge “box meals” during the hurricane. Even the monorail trains took refuge in the huge Contemporary expanse. It was heart-warming to interact with the other guests and staff, everyone supported each other.

After the storm passed, but before the parks reopened the Contemporary and staff did an incredible job in providing diversions and options for the guests who stayed during Frances. Disney characters appeared at various times on the fourth floor to enchant the kiddies (and adults); the hotel’s various restaurants would open in the evening first-come-first-served if you prefrerred a hot meal. The cast members and their families (and family pets) were also discretly housed on the resort property during Frances. The mood amoung the guests and staff was incredible–no complaining or whining from anyone-guests or staff, just a team spirit to see it through. The staff at the Contemporary did an exceptional job at keeping everyone/everything on as even keel throughout as Frances. passed by.

Advice: #1 Don’t be anywhere near a hurricane when it passes. #2 If you have to be in a hurricane the Contemporary Tower is the place to be.