H&V Menu?


Can someone give me an idea of what is on the Hollywood and Vine dinner Buffet? Id it similar to Chef Mickeys, Cp and Park Fare? Also what time does your reservation need to be to be able to get the Fantasmic package? I know it has to be on the same day the Fantasmic runs and that it is subject to weather but is there a time that you need to eat at?


if you go to allearsnet there is a list of all the menus and prices…its a regular buffett, nothing that stands out as far as i remember


Allears doesn’t say whats on it like all the other menus:

Chilled Salads and Seafood
Carved and Grilled Meats
Fresh Fish of the Day
Vegetables and Pasta Selections
Children’s Selection
Fresh Fruits
Variety of Breads
Desserts and Pastries from our Bakery

Is what Allears has posted, the rest are a little more indepth like if that carve station serves Ham or prime rib and such, just trying to get an idea. I mean it is a buffet so chances are the kids will like something even if it is just dessert

Edit: I found the full menu on the Dis board!


This is our most least desire place to eat. If we are really hungry and there is no place else to get a sitdown dinner we might eat there but usually we hop the boat over to Boardwalk and eat there instead. It not awful but not even good.


I’ve seen alot of reviews that agree with you. I’m starting to think that is Dh doesn’t want to wait in line for Fantasmic either we eat at MM or he goes back to the room and the kids and I will stay!