Hygiene at WDW?


Does anyone know how often the rides are cleaned at WDW? I’m thinking in particular of the rides in which folks hold on.


No clue, but I always carry Purel hand sanitizer in my bag - I have ocd with hand washing.


While I was working at Disneyland, Ride vehicles were cleaned nightly by Third Shift Cast, if that helps.


I’m glad I do most of my riding 1st thing in the morning. :laugh:

I also keep hand sanitizer in my purse. Although, on Splash Mountain that’s just not enough. :blow: The place where you are supposed to hold on to those logs are NASTY, slimey, and smell. I usually take a small bag from a park purchase, napkins from my purse or something to put on it before I hold on.


Wishy you sound like me. Baby wipes and hand sanatizer are my best friends when I visit amusment parks, lol. Well the are really always my friends I even have a Purel keychain holder.


I live by the mantra “a challenged immune system is a strong immune system!”. WDW here we come!

(I will admit to carrying and using Purel at least several times a day while there though, playing is dirty work :laugh:)


Cleaning them every night is great but realistically after the first few riders its germ town again. Hand sanitizer or frequent hand washing is the best if you are icky about the hand holds.


Wow, you guys…money and menus are where the most germs live, not the rides. All you have to remember and teach your kids is to wash your hands right before eating. I hang on to the hand sanitizer until after I hand the menus back to the waitress, then I pass a squirt out to all the members of my family.

Having germs on your hands is unavoidable. Putting them in your mouth is what you need to avoid.


try try as you might you can not get them all We just use some good common sense when we are out and about anywhere…that is about as good as you can do it… unless you want to be like Monk…HAHA


I hope you also ask the manager of your supermarket how often they clean their carts, particularly the handles :wink:


Our Stop & Shop markets actually have a Purell wioes dispenser nears the carts to wipe the handles! I find using a bubble is best:laugh:


I too am on the ball when it comes to clean hands. With three small kids who touch everything, I do as much I can to eliminate at least some of the germs that we pick-up.

I constantly have baby wipes and hand sanitizer on me. I even use the sanitizer after they wash their hands in a public area just as a second measure of defense.

Baby wipes are our best friend when we are out to clean cart handles, tables, highchairs etc. You name it…I’ll clean it!!


I think about the “line dividing” poles in wdw. My kids want to hang on every one… I am the germ police there…


Not uber paranoid just cautious. Periodic cleaning is all I need. The more there is to grow bugs from, the more they flourish and turn into nasty things. I’m the type that takes the sani wipes to the shopping carts. I’m traveling from WA state, waking everyone one up at 3am, and suspect we will have a bit of a compromised immune system. No real worries. Just doing what we can to keep from getting sick.

Will be there for 15 days…leaving tomorrow. Thanks folks. This has to be the best website for all things Disney.


Have a wonderful trip Kengland- 15 days is a super holiday!
On the hygiene topic, just good hot regular handwashing is the best defence against all germs- a good handwash to the four lines of ‘Happy Birthday to you’ (sung silently of course!) ensures a good deep clean-and a good hand sanitizer when a basin is not available-take it from me I am a clean freak!


lol, yup i am in the 12-step program for OCD handwashers :laugh:


Strange, I lived quite a few years before the advent of hand sanitizer (and everybody opening restroom doors with paper towels) and I don’t seem to remember people dropping like flies. I just have this fear we’re becoming a nation of germophobes.

(And this is from a biologist with 2 years of microbiology.)

There is really no way to avoid microbes in the real world (or the 'World). They’re ubiquitous and we’re full of them. IMHO.

SUNDAY MONEY: SPENDING; An Arsenal of Sanitizers for a Nation of Germophobes - New York Times


:laugh:Your just not old enough
bubonic plague,1894-1901
I’m sure that if those people had wipes, gel and Airborne (plane not invented yet) they could have stopped it.


that’s what I was thinking. I am very concious of good cleanliness and hygeine but I am not going to become ‘Micheal Jackson’ obsessive about things like handles on theme park rides. Things can be taken just a bit too far sometimes.


Whew!!! At least I’m in good company, lol!!