I am a LOST Virgin, no more


The Dave and I Netflixed Season One of Lost after many months of being jealous that I didn’t understand and could not participate in the Lost threads…

MAN…what an excellent show. We’ve only watched the first two episodes so far…but…dont expect to see much of Bella-roo this weekend…
She’ll be LOST :wub:


GOOD FOR YOU!!! I love the show…as do a lot of peeps on DC!!! You’ll become addicted after your LOST weekend, you’ll see. :happy:


Welcome to the world of Lost! It is hopelessly addicting and you will become a slave to ABC on Wednesday nights…but its worth every second! :wub: I love that show!


Congrats Bella!!! Now if you had only done this LAST YEAR!


Yea, I loved the idea of the show and I was so excited for it to start last year… But then they started getting chased by some kind of creature in the woods or something… It really made me mad. I thought I was gonna see a cool show about the human spirit. A story of people stranded together and how they survive together. Instead, I get a weekly episode of Jurassic Park 2. After about the 3rd or 4th episode, I quit watching… But I’m sure glad y’all enjoy it. Good for y’all…

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


I LOVE it!! Bella joins the LOSTies :c)


Dewey - it’s STILL a show about the human spirit - and how not to get it broken by a giant thing chasing you in the woods…


Cinderbella is much more awesome than I previously imagined! :biggrin:

Not only does she have the BEST avatar, by far I might add, she is now taking the plunge into the world of LOST!

Hoooray! :happy:


I’ve actually been rewatching Season 1 this week. I can’t wait for the Season 2 DVD’s to be released!


Have to admit, I’ve never seen an episode!


Just watch Jurassic Park 2, but pretend they got there in a plane crash… :laugh:


welcome to the club hehehehe


Sort of like Jurassic Park 3? :tongue:


Don’t listen to the D-Hog, he doesn’t know what he is oinking about! :tongue:

I just converted a resistant friend to be a watcher of LOST. He sounded much like D-Hog, except a little less red-neck-ish. After I taunted my friend for his ignorance, I told him that if he rented the Season 1 DVDs and did not like them that I would personally refund his rental fees. Well, he ended up watching the shows with his wife and they are both seriously hooked. Now the both of them are jonesing real hard for Season 2… :biggrin:


Awesome, Goof - now if we can just get that stoopid redneck involved…

:pinch: OH, I meant Disneyhog!


We watched All of Disc One last night (which is episodes 1-4)…aftet that The DAve IMMEDIATLY ran to the mailbox so that we could return it and Netflix would send us Disc Two…we actually talked about how sad we would be because we wouldn’t know what was going to happen for a few days!
And further proving how big-o-nerds we are, we stayed up well passed 2 a.m. discussing what we thought would happen.


And now, you’re officially hooked. Welcome to the club.


Now your hooked…welcome to being a Lost addict.


Oh wait until you see the part in episode 6 when the…J/K! You’re really gonna love it, so good!


Yay, another one on the LOST team!!


I love lost, it’s my favorite TV show of all time… I’ve seen EVERY episode so far.
:pinch: Yeah I know… kind of sad. But the funny thing is I didn’t start watching it until about 4 months ago. I’d heard about the show but never watched it until I got a video iPod. I watched the 1st episode and was hooked. So for the last few months i’ve been renting DVD’s and purchasing episodes off of iTunes. I finally got caught up with the show just last night (watched 4 episodes in a row till about 2 AM, haha), now I can start watching it every wednesday on TV instead of using iTunes.

For all those who are caught up, Wasn’t this weeks episode awesome? Clair’s memories were crazy.