I am a share holder!


I am so excited! I am a member of Disney Movie rewards and recently I noticed a single share of Disney stock could be obtained through DMR and One Share. They had been out of stock for a long time. Well, today I received a random e-mail from DMR and the stock was listed a something you could redeem points for. I decided to check, and low and behold, it was available.

So, 4,000 points later, I am the proud owner of 1 share of Disney stock. The best part, it was totally free except for shipping. It included a lovely frame and engraved plaque. I can’t wait to get it in the mail.


yay!!! that is great!


Thanks, I’m pretty excited.


We got each the kids one stock for christmas!!! I can’t wait to tell them that they now own one tiny part of Disney!!!


gave my nephew one for graduation this spring. Told him what better way to start his financial future than to be a corporate shareholder,lol