I am a traitor!


Yes, it is true. I am a traitor. During our upcoming WDW trip we will be heading over to Universal. :pinch: Not so bad by itself but we are actually checking into the HRH. :eek: For four nights. I am not strong enough to stand the pressure put on me by DH to venture over there. He/ I mean WE, cannot resist the express pass. True enough I will enjoy the thrill rides, but I will be sad to miss those precious days at WDW.
So here are the plans
Arrive May 5 stay with DH for till May 7 (he is there for conference)
My mom and I will check into POR on dining plan. We will spend the week having mother/daughter/granddaughter time. My mom will depart us on Friday. DH will join us on Friday. Saturday we head to meet and greet then head over to HRH after enjoying the day there. Trust me it will be a late check in. We will then spend the next few days enjoying the thrill rides that Universal offers. :sad: We will head home on the 17th.


You’re not a traitor, we know where your heart is. Besides I’ll be spending some time at Universal at the same time. Maybe I’ll see ya at the meet and greet.


My Eyes Are Bleeding! I Can Not Read Of Such Inhumane Acts! You Have All Become Princess And Fairy Haters Like The Little Girl In The Commercial!

Arrrrrgghhhhhh My Eeeeeyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!


Awww now Laneysdad, give the girl a break! There’s NOTHING wrong with spending time with the competition. It gives you a better appreciation for WDW! :dry: :tongue: :whistling

Have a blast QM! Ride Hulk for me :eek: :biggrin: :laugh:


The express pass for onsite guests is a wonderful thing! You will enjoy it. It was well worth the cost of the resort for the perk! Have fun! Ride The Mummy!


You are not a traitor :wink: I hope you have fun! If it makes you feel any better, we are going to Busch Gardens on Saturday. They have a ticket for $57 that can be used for as many days as we want to go, for the rest of the year! Then we will go spend Easter with my Mom near Clearwater.



Well…maybe not so much of a dramatic answer…but…Eek…I’m sorry! But, hope you have fun over “there”. :tongue:


We’ll still love you.

Your DH, however, is on the watch list. :ninja:


You are not a traitor! Universal is a great place to vacation! Oh, and have one of those foo-foo cocktails by the pool for ddoll!


I think that’s perfectly alright. We loved Universal in California. Never tried Florida. I bet it will be fun.


Everyone here is LYING - you ARE a traitor :wink:

But, we love you and hope you have fun, anyway! :c)



Make the bad women stop!!!



You just go and have a lot of fun! Universal has some wonderful rides and attractions. You’ll have so much fun, you’ll forget that your a traitor… :angel:


Sounds like a great trip to me - dare I say I would do it?! :biggrin: :pinch:

If it makes me a traitor then fine…I think your trip sounds like a BLAST. I would love to stay at the HRH!


You are not a traitor at all. There is nothing wrong with seeing the other parks that orlando has to offer. I did SW last trip and loved it and plan on one day getting over to universal. Have a great time. I can’t wait to hear all about your trips to both parks.


You are absolutely ruining this for me. I refuse to believe there is any existence of life outside of WDW!!! Its not possible the area is uninhabitable! Next thing you know there is no Santa or Easter Bunny. FOR SHAME!


Atleast I was nice enough to dig them out with a spoon. :angel:

Thanks for letting me know that I am not the devil for venturing outside of WDW. I am actually kind of excited, but who wouldnt be… I am only weeks away from hanging with the mouse.


Trust me, you will get really spoiled by the Express Pass thing at Universal.


DO NOT miss The Mummy ride. It’s my 2nd all-time favorite ride. 2nd only to ToT!


You really are not a traiter. My heart belongs to Disney–always will, but we spend 4-5 days at Universal each and every trip. The Express Pass that resort guests get is WONDERFUL. My family has alot of fun there. We can appreciate Disney and Universal at the same time. We like them both for different reasons. I can’t wait to read all about your trip.