I am a weather jinx


This is our third year of going to Disney in Jan, and every year we hit some kind of evil weather, but this year it looked almost perfect—UNTIL YESTERDAY when they reported the 40+ mph winds for Saturday and a low of 26!!! Sorry to anyone who is travellling the same week I am , it is all my fault!!


Oh jeepers!! Doesn’t that just figure? Perhaps there will be some divine intervention :mickey: and the weather will take a turn for the better! :heart:


My husband says the same thing about me…hurricane Charely, whenever we go in December it is cold. We were in WDW this year is October had a few very cold nights and only one really warm and sunny day.

mrspooky - hope we are never there at the same time…just think of the weather catastrophy!

Have a great trip!


Heehee! Well maybe the parks will be a bit less crowded because of the weather!


Yeah…I think you should look on the bright side!! NO crowds:)


Yes, the crowds are super low when it’s really cold! Especially when the sun goes down and it gets even colder. The park seems practically empty. So just bring lots of warm clothes and you will have a super time. :mickey:


See?! The “insider” has spoken!!! :smile: You’ll have a great time!


Who cares what the weather is like you are at WDW!!!
I like most of us, love it when it rains…bye bye lines! :tongue:


I wondered who brought these storms and this cold front!

Now that I know who it is, I can always blame you! :c)


Actually,this weekend is MLK weekend,so it might be a bit more crowded than you thought.


Put on the rain gear and have a blast. :smile: We got rained on and it was great. No lines. Seem to have the park to ourselves. :smile:


… but just to be safe, what are you plans for June, Spooky?


It was in the upper 70’s/lower 80’s for our January trip last year.

Of course, as miserable as today has been, I’ll be content if temps just get into the 50’s during the day.


I know exactly what you mean mrspooky. I always hear the words “unseasonably cool weather” anytime I travel somewhere. I feel like I must apologize to everyone wherever I’m staying too. Just last year in January for the DW’s birthday trip, it was FREEZING - literally! WDW covered much of their flowers and plants because of a freeze warning. What is it about us???