I am about to bust!


I think that the stress has gotten to me. It is only 17 days until we leave for WDW. Between now and then I have a huge event at my child’s school that I am completely responsible for. Let’s just say it is like a wedding- there is that much involved… There is so much involved here that I cannot sleep.

It is not helping to much that I am waking up in the middle of the night thinking about our trip… I had most of it planned- in November. I cannot even rememeber where our ADR’s are right now. I want to go to WDW NOW (not in 17 days)!
Can anyone out there help with stress relief???What would you do to relieve stress? I feel like Indiana Jones being chased by the huge ball right now…


Exercise will relieve some stress and get you in shape for the vacation.

Who’d have thought? An answer from Boss that makes sense on several levels.


Personally, I find it helpful to write it down. Write down a list of your stress factors. Accomplish what you can by finding answers and you can cross it off your list. It makes me feel like I am moving forward. As for the general stress, exercise is always great. And you know you can always vent here on DC!!!


Oh gosh, we leave in 17 days too! WOO HOO!!!


The first thing you HAVE to remember is this; this is a WDW trip. It’s going to be awesome no matter what, so quit freakin out. Take a deep breath and remember that. Don’t sweat the small stuff. If you’ve been planning since before November, then it sounds like you know what you’re doing. Everything will fall into place.

As far as the lost ADR’s… If you call WDW back, they can pull up your account when you give them your home phone number. They’ll be able to tell you all your ADR’s. No worries… :biggrin:


Yeah, it’s kinda freakin me out!


The upcoming Disney trip is the only thing that is holding me together at the moment. The event that I have is stressing me out. I am thinking about WDW constantly and I don’t want to think about everything else that I have to do… Why can’t it be March 3???

Thank you everyone for all of your advice. Keep it coming- I need every bit of it I can get!


Yeah? Well scroll up - The Hogman had some good advice, too. Must be a holiday or sum-tin.


Stress relief–yoga and power walking always do it for me. Someone’s suggestion of writing things down is good as well. Organizing my thoughts always seems to clear my head.

But try to keep in mind that it’s almost over and that you’ll be on vacation in 17 days–I’m sure that will make you feel better instantly.


Yea, twice in the same thread… who’d a thunk it? :tongue:


Deep breaths. Put WDW on the back burner - yes I know that’s blasphemous here - but don’t think about it until the “event” is over. Make lists of what must be done each day, and tick them off as they’re completed. And take a long, warm bath everynight - NO INTERRUPTIONS. Candles, soft music. And don’t lay in bed worrying - remember, no problem was ever solved while you’re in bed in pyjamas.


Stress relief = kick boxing!

Or sleeping, which isn’t working in your case.

And I agree with Boss (!?!?!) - take a walk.


And look at the bright side. At least, with you living down in Dixie, you live in a place that’s warm enough to go for a walk most the time. You’d have to be insane to go for a walk up here… So it’s not all bad… :biggrin:


insane or just really bundled up with snow shoes


Or on a treadmill. That’s how I do my walking up here in the frigid, frozen North… But it is a good source of exercise, and can relieve some stress…for those of you who have it. I, for one, never have stress…


If the event is like a wedding, than WDW will be your honeymoon! I am a list person. Make a to do list for all than needs to get done between now and then. Take each day one by one, and it will all get done!


That is a lot on you plate, and with that WDW carrot hanging just out of reach, I bet it’s tempting to jsut immerse yourself in it! BUT, you have this big function to get over with before you can do that. No problem, hanwill :cool: Remind yourself that when it’s all over–it IS OVER!!!

I am a list maker myself when I worry and that worry keeps me up and I feel overwhelmed (like last night, lol). It helps me to see what I need to do, what has been done and gives me a time line.

You have your ADR’s. You just need to get past the school thing and all will be cool.

Hang in there. Mickey will wait :mickey:


Thank you all so much! Your advice is really helping! I am ticking the days off one at a time! Slowly but surely…
I know that this WDW trip will be very well enjoyed by my whole family- whether there is bad weather, or crowds or anything else. WE want to go to WDW- NOW!!! We are so excited!!!


I leave in five days, and I am wandering around in a haze, since I have a bunch of things I have to get done, and they aren’t getting done! :eek:


what helps me is going online and planning my trip and imagining this:


:heart: :happy: