I am back!


DH and I won a cruise (not a Disney one :crying:) and we were away from 5/3/10 to 5/8/10. I missed you guys and this site so much. No trip report, not a Disney cruise, but I will share the following: Getting sick the day before a trip is becoming my norm, my tonsils are the size of walnuts! on Friday we pulled into Nassau right next to my old girl the Disney Wonder:laugh::laugh: DH was hoping I didn’t notice! This time Nassau was great minus needing to buy antibiotics because we spent the day with family friends who are natives to the island. Almost missed the boat back. :laugh:
Now my next Disney cruise will be a blow by blow TR with Ports of call. This was my 4th cruise (2 with carnival and 2 with disney) Disney is way better.


That’s great you won a cruise…I have never won anything.:smile: Where else did you go on the cruise? Sorry to hear you were sick.


I enter everything. So far we have won three vacations. It seems like we always win, but when compared to how much stuff we enter, we hardly ever win.


Wow that’s amazing I have never won anything how lovely for you. Sorry to hear about the tonsils I bet that was miserable, hope you’re better now.


Thanks I am feeling much better now. Just in time for work tomorrow.


Glad to have you back Kidani! How nice to have won a cruise!


Thank you, glad to be back. And it was nice to win a cruise. I am just a Disney addict.:laugh:


I hate starting out a trip sick but at least you were away from the daily grind. I hope to read fully detailed TR.


It was great to get away, please believe it. No TR, it was not a Disney cruise, and I am too loyal to the mouse :laugh::laugh: