I am booked for Aug 2010


I just paid my deposit for my trip. I can’t wait I all ready have my spread sheet going. Anyone know how soon they list the extra hours. I know I have time but I like to have it all done ASAP lol.


I believe the extra magic hours are listed 3 months in advance just like the regular hours.


YAY! How exciting.


I was just coming to annouce that the packages have opened…lol I am also going next August.


Cool when in Aug are you going to be there. I just talked to a good friend and her and her 3 kids are going as well. and are staying in the same hotel as me.


My wife is the same, she has flow charts and spreadsheets for dinner menus and parks. I let her do her thing!!! Enjoy the planning, just knowing you have a trip gets ya through a bad day!


How true I think this trip is the one thing I look forward to the most. A week with the Mouse and no worries of the out side world. Nothing like it. lol


Fantastic! Have a Great Trip!