I Am Double Digit Dancing For My December Trip!


I didn’t even REALIZE that I was under 100 days! 92 days, to be exact…YAY!!! I am SOOOOOOOO PSYCHED! I hope these last 3 months go by QUICKLY!!!


Um, why did this thread post 3 times??? :ph34r:


I guess posted my response on the wrong thread…which of the three should we use?:laugh:


WHO THE HECK KNOWS!!! HAHAHAH…I’m such a dork! :laugh: :ph34r:


congrats on the dance!!


Yeah!!! You dance your heart out girl!


Woohoo! Yay for you! I am going to keep dancing until then!


Congrats on the dance!!! you’re like, 6 days ahead of me!

I’m sure you’ll have a magical time. :slight_smile:


It posted 3 times because that’s how excited you are!!:smile: :mickey:


I’m hoping it goes by quickly too! Cause then we’ve got Christmas and New Years…

That is so exciting for you! 92 days is nothing!


Yeah, Joy and I hope it goes by fast too! Look at our countdowns - we’re counting down to Christmas and New Years. Who does that? I guess we’re just :wacko: like that.

And Kim, that time is going to fly by, and you are gonna be taking an awesome trip 92 days from now. :mickey:


I am so happy for you… what a great feeling it is when you finally hit double digits… YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!


Congratulations. Here’s to hoping the next 3 months fly by, but then time stands still when you get there. Wouldn’t that be awesome. It usually works the opposite, but here’s to hoping. I am almost to the double digit dancing!!!