OMG… I was just checking flights and they are so EXPENSIVE

I usually buy tickets several months out and have always gotten great deals. But everything I have checked is sooo high!:eek:

Any suggestions? Should I wait? Do you guys think fares will go down?


If you figure something out let me know. I too am freaking out and I am hoping that they go cheaper…SOON!



I dont book my flight till about a month before we go- its always more expensive for us the farther out we book


I have always found better deals closer to our departure date. No worries! I am sure you will find good fares. :slight_smile:


Save money: Hitch hike


I’ve been looking at airfares too. We’ve pretty much decided to do what we’ve done 3 times out of 4 … drive 19 hours.


I right there with you. We’re about 5 months out and I’m afraid of waiting too long because we can only fly non-stop because of DS. The prices are just outrageous. I keep checking everyday but the prices have just gone up instead of down.


I have always booked my WDW flights within about 4 weeks of my trip. The airfare always seems to magically go down right around that mark…maybe I am just lucky? :huh:

But I understand why you are freaking out. I do the same thing every time, because the fares always seem to be so high the first time I look! :eek: I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you that they will go down soon!


The fares are CRAZY right now. I paid $340 each way for the end of March and had to buy them by early December (per order of DD’s coaches). We have never paid more than $250 each. They did come down a little and I have a $119 credit sitting at SOuthwest, but that’s still $280.


For the past few years, we were able to get really awesome dings from SW a couple months in advance. Our cheapest, ever was $29 per person, each way. I have noticed, those are harder to come by these days, especially during the season we like to travel. Stick with it, stay positive, things have a way of working out usually. I’m sure something good will come your way.


I was in the same boat…everything was extremely expensive. I signed up for every flight deal on every airline’s website known to man… I have been pricing my august flights since December and they were just outrageous. I got an email last week from Spirit about a $48 off round trip per person and checked it out… I end up getting flights for $392 for me and my DD round trip. Have I paid less? Certainly, but this wasn’t that bad a deal. Anything less than $200 per person to me is ok. I could have went even cheaper and got the flights for $50 less, but didn’t want to fly home on the cheap flight. I didn’t want to get up and rush out of WDW and be at the airport by 7:30am to come home. I paid more money to fly out at 3pm…worth every penny to me when you factor in what I saved by going down there on the 6:30am flight. To get to the point, I think you should go to the airlines websites and sign up for every email they have…watch the flights for a few weeks and if nothing goes down, grab it.


I have to assume the cost of oil has driven the prices up. I am still shell-shocked over the prices I got to go to Nashville in April. I keep checking, but I’m not optimistic about getting a fare decrease.


We are constantly checking flight prices too and at the moment they are varying quite alot daily. My best bargain ever was a February booking and although DH wants to book now, I am all for hanging back just a little while longer.


I am going to keep looking and maybe wait until closer, which I have never done!:pinch: I like to book early because it seems more official then:blush: :pinch: Hoping that prices come down!! :pinch:

Dana under $400 for the two of you sounds good! If I can stay around $1000 for the 5 of us for roundtrip from Colorado I am usually happy!!!

Best I have ever gotten was $124 roundrtrip. Oh was that a great deal!!:glare:

I hope something happens for all of our sake!!!


While we got a great price for our flight from NJ to Orlando ($185 with tax and fees) I noticed that there are some way cheaper flights from another (closer) airport for our dates, now the week before. It usually doesn’t happen that way but hopefully some great fares will come around for you!


Wow, may I ask where you got that? My parents will be flying from Newark and they are not finding any good deals. They would like to book now. We don’t go until Sept. and I suggested that they wait, by they are anxious to get everything booked.


I’m still freaking and waiting here in Boston too. Fares are insane these days!


We went through Continental’s Group Air department. Your party size must be 8 or more. We locked in our price in Nov. Had to pay a $40 per ticket deposit on Dec. 1 and the balance was due on January 2nd.

Tell your parents to try Spirit air out of Atlantic City if they do not mind driving further. My Aunt flys out of there alot and is always snagging some great deals!


Airfare has gotten so expensive, we have decided to drive from now on. Unless a RIDICULOUSLY cheap DING comes my way, this is how we will travel to Orlando from now on.


Try Farecast.com, you can plug in your dates and it will send you updates on fares, when to buy and when to wait. My DH and I just got a pretty decent deal for our trip next month, $350 on Delta.