I am going back in 07!


Hi All,
Most of you know that I had to cancel my trip for Feb06 but now my Sister and I were talking and want to plan a trip for Feb 07!!!

OK here is the thing… We are both on a strick budget for this trip so I wanna ask YOUR advise to help me plan this one…

We are not sharing a room :eek:
Her family that will be going is
Amy ( herself ) (23)
Ryan (son) (5 time of trip)
Craig (fiance’) (25)

My family
Kate (me) (26)
Ed (husband) (28)
Megan(daughter 7)
Madison (daughter 4)
Kids will be 8 & 5 time of trip

Ok she wants to stay at All Star Movies because Ryan LOVES toy story… We stayes there last April and loves it. So I think thats where we are staying…

What shall I do in terms of booking??? :pinch: :pinch: :pinch:
I am thinking of buying tickets at Disney store and buying room only with Disney
shall I go book ALL with Disney and get dining plan???
Here is the thing… When I went in April I bought tickets at Disney store and got room only with WDW and took $2000 for food and spending and that was great…
Now for the trip I just canceled I booked EVERYTHING with Disney and was still taking $2000 for spending…
What shall I do… I already know that I am staying at ASM… HELP!!! I rather kind of get my tickets at DS and room only with WDW but that means that I cant get Dining… is it really that good??? Amy Ryan and Madison arnt big eaters… Ed and Craig and Megan can eat but I dont care eather way for myself… I need the weight loss… LOL LOL LOL… What should we do… HELP PLEASE!!!


I would go ahead and book room only, since you are talking about 07, and then, keep watching for packages. Just my opinion, of course!


I am so glad that you guys are going back! Hoooooray! :biggrin:


What about the dining plan??? Shall I forget it and just pay as we go to eat???


Also I am thinking about taking my MomMom who is 70. She isnt one who needs a cane or walker or anything. She actually can probally do better than my husband… But now I was thinking since my sister will have extra space in her room that MomMom can go in there… Amy isnt with that so I was thinking maybe go to a room that can hold 5 people but I got a quote and it was $315 for polly… Now I think it is cheaper to do 2 room at ASM for $77 night that comes to $154 cheaper than $315… What do ya all think… Now keep in mind im only there to sleep… I dont need anything fancy!!! LOL


Book your room, keep watching for packages, you can then have the option to change to a package if they are offering a good deal! I can’t comment on the dinning plan until the new year when I come back from my trip!


Yay! The plan is on! I don’t know anything about WDW, so I can’t comment on the prices ect. But I am so glad you are going!! I would always go with the bigger room, but that’s just me.


the room only discount thingy seems to be a thing of the past, so personally, I would go for the package deal and get the dining. you seriously can’t beat the price for it. They seem to be running package discounts fairly often and you always have a shot to save some money that way.


Book whatever you like now. Just keep checking and checking again! You can always adjust your price down, but you can’t always get your dream room if you wait too long! Have fun planning! :tongue: