I am going to disney for my birthday so


for my birthday I will be going to disney so. You decide what I should do for my birthday.


your in Disney!!! whatever you do will be great!


I love helping people plan and suggest things to them! haha. What were you thinking about doing for you birthday (lunch, dinner, shows, etc?) There’s just so many things you CAN do in Disney. Whatever it will be is going to be fantastic! When will you be there?

I’ll tell you what I do for my birthday, since we usually go right around it, I celebrate it every year on vacation. Start off, ALWAYS WEAR THE BDAY PIN. :laugh: You get wonderful CM’s to talk to you, give you fastpasses, one time we even got our own private tour boat on the Jungle Cruise! Very cool!

I usually like to do a birthday dinner to actually celebrate my birthday. Wherever I want in whichever park or resort I want. I usually pick 50’s PTC. But I’ve also celebrated at Tony’s Town Square and the old restaurant that used to be in Italy in EPCOT. And for our celebration dinners we usually always order a cake for the Disney Cake Hotline! They are beautiful cakes. Then ending the day on the Tower or Terror!

It’s simple, but it’s what makes that day special for me!

I hope you have an awesome Disney birthday! :happy:


I’ve decided that since we are going to be at Disney for my birthday this year that we would go to HDDR for dinner and then go to the bonfire!!!


Be sure to let them know your going for your birthday and wear a few birthday badges! You could find yourself with a special role in the show! :happy:


“Ha ha!” thanks for all the help, hmm… I think I would go do… A birthday Disney day:get on a bus,then,get on a monorail,get to the contemorary,go to chef mickeys,go to one of the gift shops on the upper left corner,and finally get a L.A.D. Lighted screen that is high school musical! The End. :smile: True story/plan for/from disney. <Actully by minnieme):laugh: