I am going to drive DH crazy!


We are not going until September. Our package is all paid off, I have made all the ADR’s and I have read the guidebooks over and over. My DH is sick of listening to me talk about the trip but I am so excited. How can I keep myself from going crazy. I read these boards all day long. I want to go now!


I have no advice because I am the SAME way!!! All I can say is keep coming to DC and pretty soon, before you know it - it will be YOUR TURN!!! :biggrin: :mickey:


We are also going in Sept and I am driving my DH crazy! He can’t believe that I made all of our ADRs already. When I asked his opinion on things, he just looked at me like I was crazy to plan something so far ahead of time. He had no opinion on anything other than our resort. When I asked him if we should stay at the POFQ or CR, he told me whichever is less expensive. :tongue:

Grumpy, I want to go now too!


Looks like I will beat you there by one day!


Congratulations you are an official member of DC. We are all exactly like that.


Now that’s not fair! :crying:


Yep, you qualify for membership around here! My DH is indulgent, however. He recognizes that our trip was so great partly BECAUSE I was so planning-obsessed!

I feel like I am all-Disney, all the time! :laugh:


add me to list this too…we also aren’t going until september and it can’t come fast enough! i talk about it all the time since i’m excited (even though we just went last october!) and dh just rolls his eyes! he’s not as big as a disney freak as i am!

guess that’s why i can’t seem to talk him into the dvc…


We could all probably open our own “Disney Travel” board! My SIL is planning her trip, and every time she asked a question, I was able to provide an answer or a link in less than 30 seconds. :biggrin: :mickey:


Thats what we are here for.
We can listen to you talk about the trip all day!!


I have the same problem. DH just isn’t as obsessed as I am and trusts me to make all the plans. It’s just frustrating when I actually really want his opinion on something! I also get, “Are you reading that book AGAIN?” quite a bit. :blush:


He’ll get over it. Tell him to jump on board the crazy train with you. He can get excited right along with you. I am driving DBF insane with our October trip and he knows better than to stop me when I am on a disney roll…I just don’t stop no matter what he says. He is definately not a planner and I am a total over planner. He usually just nods or pretends to be listening to me…lolol


Oh i’m going crazy too! i leave in June but i can’t plan anything because this is my aunts vacation and is doing everything.