I am home!


Hi everyone, just thought i would say i and my D-family are home now and hd a wonderful time. It rained hard the 1st 2 days on and off bubt other than that the weather was beautiful. I heard that the weather for the next few days is meant to take a nose dive but then get better again.
We won a Disney dream fastpass, ate more than we needed to and spent loads! I will try and get a TR done at some point but jsut thought I would say that MK had actually put up the Halloween decorations for MNSSHP earlier than they had planned so I was lucky enough to get to see them before we left and I can tell you they looked beautiful! I wish I could have stayed longer but to be honest 14 days of hard core ‘parking’ was taking it’s toll! LOL :mickey: off to plan 2010…


Oh, if you have pictures of the parks decorated for Halloween I would love to see them!!


14 days is such a luxury. I can’t wait to hear about each and every one of them!


Welcome home, can’t wait to hear all about your trip!