I am in! I just don't know where yet


Hey everyone! I am happy to annouce that I have been accepted to the Disney College Program…except I don’t know anything but that. No official letter yet, but I received an email from the campus rep congratulating me on receiving a position. I called her today and I guess this has happened to someone else on my campus also. So she is going to email the other rep who knows more and get back to me soon. I don’t know my position, but hey, I am going to Disney World! :mickey:



:mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey:


You have to change your signature - you are in! Not a wannabe anymore!! :smile:


Congratulations Ginger! That’s great news. See, dreams really do come true!



Give us details as soon as you know more.


I’m so happy for you! What a great experience you have ahead of you! Congrats and good luck. Be sure to post often, as us “oldsters” will be living vicariously through you.


Wow! I am so happy for you! Congratulations. :flowers:


YYYAAAAAYYYY!!! HOW EXCTING! Congratulations!!!


That is sooo cool. The anticipation must be killing you!




I am thrilled for you Ginger. Good luck, lots of fun and all the good wishes you want.
Don’t forget us and let us in on your day to day adventures once you get there.


Hip Hip Hooray! That is such great news.
We are anxiously awaiting details.


Thanks everyone! And yes, the anticipation of finding more information is really getting to me. I think I am checking my email every 5 minutes or so thinking it will be there. As soon as I know more, I promise to fill you all in. :mickey:


:mickey: CONGRATULATIONS!!! :mickey:
I bet you can already picture that badge with your name on it… :slight_smile:
Please please PLEASE promise to keep us all updated on what’s going on and how AWESOME it is! I’d love to hear every detail!


Great going Ginger!!! I am so :happy: for you, you really wanted this :flowers:


I can’t wait to find out where you’ll be working, and when you’ll be there, and how long your contract will be for!!!
I hope I hear from my casting people soon, with the same good news as yours :slight_smile:

Congratulations to WDW’s new Cast Member!!! :mickey:


congratulations!! that’s awesome that you got accepted into the program. i can’t wait to hear all about it once you get further details.


So I called the main office today as instucted by the campus rep. Apparently they have sent the acceptance letter to my old address that I lived at 3 years ago when I originally applied for the program, instead of the one I listed on my application. :glare:

So I had to leave a message with the recruiter with all my information and she will get back with me in 24-48 hours to send a new letter. Until I actually receive a letter, I can’t get any more information.

Wow, this waiting really stinks… but oh well, at least I know I am going!


oooooooh so frustrating! Whoever lives at your old address is going to be pretty excited to be working at WDW when they never even applied :tongue: lol!


Yeah, I even went there tonight because it’s not too far away to see if they still had the letter by chance…no one was home. Hopefully I can find some kind of information out soon!


waiting…waiting…waiting…frustrated…waiting some more.