I am in WDW and a cast member just told me


We did the keys to the kingdom this morning and a cast member that was in our group doing the tour said that Disney is announcing this week what they are doing with Pleasure Island and Part of Animal Kingdom.

Didn’t know what they were gonna be maybe Beastly Kingdom he said but the announcement will be this week.

Sorry if this is just a rumor or if this was posted, I just couldn’t wait to share.


Last Xmas, a guest mentioned a friend of his was hired to work on the “new developments” in the parks . . . so maybe this is true. Can’t wait to find out! :happy:


Interesting…can’t wait to hear for sure what’s happening!


Cant wait to hear more as its a shame to have PI mostly empty


Interseting, very, very interesting! I can’t wait!


Was it the CM that was DOING the Keys to the Kingdom tour that said this, or just another person on the tour? Are you sure it was a CM?


Interesting…can’t wait to hear more!

Btw, hope you’re enjoying your trip :slight_smile:


It was not the tour guide but it was a cast member on the tour. I would have not known they were a cast member until we started talking.
After he said it I thought that it would make sense that Disney would want some good news on the TV this week instead of all the bad stuff that just happened.


Perhaps Rowdy would know


I hope this is true…I am anxious to know what their plans are!


Rowdy…where r you? We need to know if this is true? By the way, my DH saw you today…he thinks. Great parade, you guys are awesome, I watched the parade on Monday. I have no idea how you all preform so well in this heat.