I am just not sold on my ADRs


For what ever reason this the first trip that keep changing ADRs and still just don’t feel right about them. Is that strange? So here is what I have now (this is the 3rd or 4th version)

Arrival Day: Rainforest at AK (OOP) MAYBE

CRT Dinner New for us (Still on the fence about this one) I'm back and forth. We've done breakfast and lunch at the castle not sure if trying dinner is necessary)
Boma dinner (new for us) kind of seemed silly to be staying at AKL 

and not try it.
Sci-Fi lunch (kids love this place)
Crystal Palace lunch (must do everytime)
Tusker House breakfast (on the fence, we’ve done it before)
Kona Cafe (new for us) My request
Via Napoli (DH’s request)

Here is what I’m considering:
Dropping CRT and Tusker House
Adding Chef Mickey’s, Rainforest (using DDP) and Le Cellier (lunch) or Teppan Edo (we’ve done all these before) Or maybe try Rose & Crown for the first time just worried about the kids not eating there.

So what do you think?


I’m on a “NEW” kick right now. So, I say, go for stuff you have never done before. Personal preference for me would put Chef Mickey’s over Tusker House.


Boma is my favorite from your list. Try to make it on a Wednesday or Saturday. They have bbq ribs that are out of this world those two days. We enjoyed Via Napoli very much also. Their pizza is great!


Boma was my wife’s favorite. I enjoyed it.

Kona is OKAY, but can’t compare to 'Ohana.

Our picky kids liked Rose n Crown.

If you haven’t tried Whispering Canyon Cafe, you should.


Try the new stuff… How do you know if you will like it or not? However, see if they are available before you cancel what you have.


I am with alillmagical, Drop the Tusker House and try all the restaurants you haven’t tried before.


We tried Rose & Crown in November after a long absence. I can say that the Sticky Toffee Pudding was delicious, For an appetizer we shared the cheese plate and it was very nice - but our entrees were dreadful. I had the prime rib with yorkshire pudding. Our server was such a nice girl and she told us she was embarrassed to serve the yorkshire pudding. She was right - it was as tough as a hockey puck. The prime rib was dry and so fatty there was more fat than meat. My dh had fish 'n chips which he said weren’t anywhere close to the ones served at the Fish Shop Window. I wouldn’t advise it.


Is that Canadian expression? :tongue:


You’re so jealous. You just wish you could be Canadian. Cause we are just so incredibly cool. :tongue:

Actually it’s a very adept description of it. It was the same shape and just about as heavy. A true Yorkshire Pudding travesty.


Forget the list, this is what you do… Print out the list of names for every WDW table service restaurant from whatever site you wish, cut them all up, throw them into the air, the seven that land face up is where you book. If more than seven (or however many you need) land face up repeat the process until you only have seven. :laugh:


Drop CRT…it’s not worth it in my opinion. Keep the rest.


LOL!!! I may end up doing that!

Thanks for the advice y’all! I think we are definetly dropping CRT and replacing it and choosing Chef Mickeys over Tusker. We’ve done both and we will be doing breakfast after the sunrise safari that week.


[QUOTE=Cavey;1105216]Boma was my wife’s favorite. I enjoyed it.

Kona is OKAY, but can’t compare to 'Ohana.

Our picky kids liked Rose n Crown.

If you haven’t tried Whispering Canyon Cafe, you should.[/QUOTE]

I agree Whispering Canyon has great food and it’s so much fun!!


We’ve been to Whispering Canyon the last 2 trips. We like it but not enough to go back a third trip in a row. The only place we’ve been on every single trip is Crystal Palace. We just switch up which meal there.


I couldn’t agree more! We’ve done it for breakfast & dinner- now if DD6 REALLY wants to do it, it will just be her & DH for breakfast (this is what they did in 2010- the rest of the family is over it). To be completely honest, the Cinderella dinner at the Grand Floridian was much better as far as character interaction goes- if your bunch is over the experience of eating “in the Castle” I say opt for the Grand Floridian (if they still offer that:confused:) or skip it altogether.


I like Wishy’s plan!


CRT doesn’t meet up with quality vs cost. So glad my girls are too old for that and my son could care less. Drop the CRT dinner and try something new. I agree about Whispering Canoyon…been there done that, last two times I was sick afterwards so we won’t be going back. Cape May Cafe Buffet is supposed to be great, we are trying that for the first time this trip.


Have you set a final line-up? You made me rethink MY adr’s, so I am curious to see where you ended up!


As of now:

Rainforest Cafe
Tusker House (Chef Mickey’s not available but AKL conceirge is working on it)
Kona Cafe
Rose & Crown
Via Napoli
Crystal Palace


we went to wispering canyon last visit and the whole family loved it so now that will be must do next time.