I am leaving too


Welp, here is my last post! The Dave and I are headed to my parents house in Hilton Head tonight and then it’s up at 6 a.m. for the short 5 hour drive to WDW…
We’re leaving right after work and I probaly won’t be able to post again until we’re back!
Ginger, Erin and Cavey & Lil…I’ll be on the lookout…
See you soon. :wub:


Have a great time! And like I said in the other thread, don’t feel under any pressure to write an awesome TR when you get back complete with beautiful photos.

No pressure, I just hope it’s so good that I’ll want to print it out and save it for posterity.


YAY! Have a great time! Wave in the general direction of Atlanta when you’re in Georgia!


So Bella has packed her crack and is ready to go! Have a safe trip and a magical time!!


and … play nice


Have a great time!! Hope that you get to meet up with some of the others.


Have fun! Although by the time you read this it should say I hope you had fun!


Have a blast, we’ll miss you!!!


Have fun Bella! Watch out for rain!


Have a wonderful time Bella! We’ll miss all of you.

I hope someone brings a camera to get pictures of the big meet.


Well I am too late, but I will be on the lookout for you too Bella! Have a very magical trip! :mickey:

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YAY! Have a great time! Can’t wait to read all about it!! Take LOTS and LOTS of pictures!! :heart:


Better late than never . . .



Have a great trip!


Hope you have an AMAZING trip!!!


Whoops, guess I missed ya leaving Bella…but have fun getting your fix! :mickey:


See ya when you get back. Have a great time!