I am on hold waiting for "LINDA"the cake woman!


It is currently 4:35 pm in WI and I just hung up with her.

I told her I wanted a cake that would look like cinderellas pillow and a slipper on it . she said she can do a cake that is light blue and a choc. slipper on with the castle. its would be 70$ for it and I am doing it! I need to call her 72 hours before hand.

she was very nice


If any of you got through let me know just for curiousity!

Wondering if my post filled the cake lines up or not:laugh: that will teach her not to call us back won’t it!


That is going to be a beautiful cake! Please share pictures with us when it’s time!!


Oh please do:ohmy: !! I would love to see how this cake turns out.


I will be posting pics for sure when we get this cake.

I could not believe I got to speak to her, I thought this must be a joke the woman is actually there!


I love Disney cakes, and I love being on hold at WDW!!! The music makes me smile!


we listened to its a small world when I called , I started sining it while i waited. kids thought I was nuts I did not tell them why i was calling ruin the cake surprise.

When ever i call now I just tell my 4 yrold I am talking to a princess she is really quite then! the Cms usually just laugh when they hear her scream and reaction. what ever it takes to get her quite so i can talk!


I would love to see a pic of the cake :biggrin: