I am planning


My families first trip to WDW!!! It’s going to be the first 2 weeks of June 2007, we are going to drive there, it’s going to be about a 2 and a half day drive. We want to go to WDW for 5 days, Universal for 2 days and Seaworld for one day. Any advice? What can I do in 5 days at WDW? Will it be enough to do a lot? What should we not miss for sure?


OH Pumouse YAY!!! I am soo happy for you! :happy: :happy: What great news…even if you are going to Universal and Seaworld…hee hee just kidding :wink: Okay…you have to have to go to Ohana’s, Hoop Dee Doo…erm…5 days??? Only 5 days?? Um…so much to do…so much to see…hmm.I think you’ll need the help of an experienced WDW visitor to guide you along. Hmmm…let me think…who has been to WDW…and would be willing to go back…hmmm…OH! I know…ME! :tongue:


That is so exciting! There is so much to do at WDW. You could never run out of things to do there. I think your family will also like Universal/IOA. We have to go there for a day or two every trip we make to Orlando. You will have such a wonderful time!!


This is all I have so far. We will leave on Friday June 1st, really early in the morning, drive through New Mexico hopefully make it to San Antonio, get a room for the night. Get up early the next morning drive to Fort Walton Beach Florida, stop at the Gulfarium to visit my dear friend and get the back stage tour from her husband who is the director there. Sunday, drive the rest of the way to WDW!! That’s it. That’s all I’ve got.


Hmmm…early June huh??? I might have to make a special trip :wink:

Oh…Tumbleweedville…hee hee!


Haha! A special trip just for me huh? I will look forward to it! I am just so excited! I can’t wait to work out all the details.


OMG!! Where will you stay??? Are you gonna stay at one resort the whole time or change when you go to Universal???


You should say hi to Kippage while you are passing through Pensecola! We’ve been to the Gulfarium (not a back stage tour though) and liked it.

Do you know where you will be staying at WDW? I am so excited for you. You will be amazed at how much there is to do and at the amount of detail that is in every park. Even in the resorts. There is only one problem. After you go once, you will be hooked for life!


I think we will stay at the Marriott residence inn, because I have to bring my doggy and none of the onsite hotels except pets. We have stayed at a lot of the Marriott ones and we really like them. I’m looking for one on the way that we may stay at also.


Pumouse, I just found this online. You might be able to use it for your dog and stay a a disney resort. Just an idea…


That’s so exciting! I can’t wait to see your plans when you get everything done. You will have a great time and 5 days will fly by.


Great news, looking forward to hearing about the rest of your plans. :happy:


I don’t think I’d be able to keep him in there. We take him to DL and put him in the kennel there during the day but he freaks out! Thank you though, we will definitely keep him there in the day time!


This may sound like heresy, but the Universal hotels are pet friendly. Just FYI :cool:

Happy Planning!!!


your 5 days will be packed! There is so much to do that it takes us about 6 days to see the 4 major parks in a leisurely manner. We do not take naps, but we get there at opening and we stay until closing. It is so much fun that it is hard to leave.
I would suggest that you go to Universal first, because once you get on WDW property, it is hard to leave and do other stuff. I know that my kids would like Sea World, but we have been 4 times in 4 years and we cannot get off that property- don’t want to spoil the magic! You will love it- it is so peaceful and happy and exciting all at the same time!!! be ready to plan those ADR’s 6 months out!!!


We will definitely do the other stuff first. We learned our lesson from going to Universal and Knotts after Disney! I will check into those other hotels as well, thanks!


Yeah…I know that Portofino and the Royal Pacific allow pets. They are Loew’s properties and they sorta “specialize” in that niche. Portofino can be a bit pricey though. I’ve stayed at The Royal Pacific and loved it! Emeril’s Tchoup Chop is there…YUM!
Don’t miss the Mai Tai and the banana cream pie…Why am I hungry all of a sudden?


What is a Mai Tai? Does it have alcohol? Mmmm, banana cream sounds so good right now!


Oh yeah…it does. Anyway…the banana cream pie is to die for!


That sounds great! I’m gonna have to start a notebook for sure!